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Keep in mind:Books, Audio products (MP3s. Tapes and CDs) and DVDs are a great supplement to live NLP training; video can be a wonderful way to learn some NLP at home. However, any real-time communication with a great trainer/mentor will always be better, whether live and in person or through coaching, or online training, due to the training feedback loops that exist between trainer & student. For training in person, see our training offerings.

This long awaited new audio program will train customers in Jonathan Altfeld’s unique and pragmatic approaches to Emotional State Chaining, for helping you to influence people from their current state, into more Action oriented emotional states. Also teaches greater personal emotional state-management skills in depth.
Our Most Popular Home-Study Program. This set is designed to ramp up your vocal charisma, magnetism, and ability to communicate in a compelling way. Enjoy 44 Exercise drills over 100 minutes of material — find out your strengths & weaknesses, and then repeat the drills that will take you furthest. This is a must-have for ANYONE at any level of NLP or Hypnosis background — it’s designed to help literally everyone improve their game and get better results when communicating with other people, literally in any setting. Can’t lose!
Our 2006 follow-up to our most popular audio program from 1998. This 4-CD-set picks up where the 1st 2-CD-set ends, there’s no overlap. For anyone who wants and needs to become more persuasive through more highly developed vocal skills.
This is one of our newest additions to our home-study library. Use of Metaphor is essential knowledge/skill in your NLP toolbelt and indirect metaphor is a core piece of the Milton Model. For any changeworkers, coaches etc who want to take their use of metaphor way beyond the typical “isomorphic” metaphors involving 1-to-1 relationships between scenarios, The Metaphor Machine teaches you a straightforward easy-to-apply mental process for creating elegant, indirect, homo-morphic metaphor in the style of Milton Erickson & Richard Bandler.
Learn how NLP Master Practitioners develop the ability to detect truth… from lies. Hear myths debunked, and strategies revealed. You’ll hear both Jonathan Altfeld & Doug O’Brien on this set, though this segment is taught mostly by Jonathan. Jonathan offers you a way of sharpening their calibration skills even with the general public — even when you can’t be guaranteed people
will be honest with you!

  • Sample 1: Doug speaks of the ‘BodyMind’, to explain why people ‘leak’ their hidden intentions through unconscious behavior. (407 kb .mp3)
  • Sample 2: Jonathan speaks about the surprising value of getting a certain test wrong! Learn when to trust OR distrust your conclusions! (491 kb .mp3)
  • Sample 3: Jonathan describes one example of NLP portrayed in film. Hear how close “Meet the Fockers” came to “NLP truth detection!” (447 kb .mp3)
This is Jonathan Altfeld’s now-renowned method of analytical modeling of beliefs & belief systems, which provides NLP students a consistent method for modeling other people’s cognitive strategies, values, and beliefs. KE provides an excellent platform for modeling the structure of a problem before designing targeted solutions. Come learn what increasing #’s of trainers around the world are including in their own Master Practitioner trainings for their analytical modeling component!
Join NLP Trainer Jonathan Altfeld with Persuasion guru Christopher Tomasulo (‘Doktor Sulo’) for an 8 hour action-packed seminar on unusual influence tactics and strategies. Completely
unmatched in the NLP field — everything taught here has been tested in business & personal settings with thousands of people — none of this is untested theory. Persuade yourself to get your hands on this outstanding (& beautifully produced) home-study set; you’ll be incredibly glad you did.

NLP Home-Study Video/DVD Programs

NLP Skills-Builders DVD Series includes Building Hypnotic Rapport, Sharpening Your Influence and Unbridled Motivation.