What graduates say… about the Essential NLP training course

“The small group made it easy to tailor content specifically to our circumstances, giving me real results that I could apply straight into my business – for example more successful client calls, techniques to use within my programmes and (of course) developing my business! .”

Kathryn Jackson, Coach

“I experienced the most amazing thing and it happened on the first 4-day block of the program! I am delighted with what I learned on the 8-day NLP Essentials Course. The program provided me with many practical tools that I used during the course, immediately afterwards and have been practicing regularly ever since.”

Wendy van der Meer, Training and Safety Manager

“After leaving my career as a trial lawyer to be a stay at home father, I found myself in
need of an entirely different skill set. The principles and processes I learned in NLP provided me with increased flexibility in my relations with others, including my son, and the capacity to generate new options in all areas of life.”

Brandon Logan

NLP training the same as this is now available in Brisbane – see our brochure and registration form for all the details.


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