Open Heart Exercise

By Sonya Yeh Spencer, Certified Advance NLP Coach
Word count: 746
Type of exercise: Meditation and Visualisation
This meditation exercise will help you speak from your heart with a sense of relaxation and ease. It also helps you deal with difficult situations with a sense of resourcefulness and positivity. You can practice this exercises any time of the day whenever you remember. After a period of three days, it
almost became automatic to me, like pressing a button and I immediately feel calm, strong, at ease and ready to take on what ever life throws at me.
The “Open Heart” exercise also brings many levels of personal transformation. It transforms the way you feel, your experience about the people and the world around you and the choices you have in life. Not only will it shift your neurology and physiology (mind and body), it heals us at the most profound
level when practiced on a regular basis.
The Story
Many years ago I suffered greatly from frequent anxiety attacks. I often felt my heart pumping extremely fast, sweaty palms, head spinning, can’t think straight and a sense of deep fear. I was anxious to the point that I had to take days of sick leave and shut myself from the outside world for a while. I was desperate to find help, at the same time I knew the answer resides in me.
One day I was trying to calm myself down by meditating on why I feel the way I did. What came to me was a surprise, I saw myself holding a baby, with much love and care. I thought this was my body telling me that I will have a child soon? It can’t be, I am alone in my life, and there is no chance. Then a sudden realisation, the baby is me. I need to love myself. It is that simple, so I start to ask “what will I do if I love myself” or “How will I make myself feel if I love myself”. I was starting to get much better.
A chance meeting with a new neighbour from Brighton changed my life. She asked me “why do you seem so closed off and harsh”, with much kindness and honesty. It was a shock. Shocking to find out I was turning into someone I did not want to be, and shocking to know “closed off and harsh” was what
people see in me.

“What will I do if I love myself”, the answer was so loud and clear – “you need
to open your heart”
. I have since been practicing and perfecting the following exercise on myself and later taught others with great feedback and results.

The Exercise
Read the following step by step guide and imagine you are implementing the steps while reading before you actually do the exercises. Even better still, imagine you are reading out the steps in your own voice, be as animated, warm as you want to find out the tone, tempo or voice quality that best work
for you. Taping it might also be useful when trying to guide you through the process. Enjoy!
Copyright © Blue-Sky Transformation, 2007

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The Open Heart Meditation Step by Step:
For best results, please identify a quiet and warm place where you feel safe and comfortable.
1. Start by casting your vision far away into the distance. If you can look out the greens outside a window that will be great. Otherwise you can visualise looking out towards a mountain that is beyond where you are, through space and time.
2. Slowly drawing back your vision, like pulling a kite back, until your vision is focused right in front of you and finally rest inside of you.
3. Gently close your eyes and become very aware of all the sensations that you are experiencing.
4. Become aware of your abdominal area. Start to feel all the muscles around your abdominal area, now, relaxed. Now, go a bit deeper to allow the deep muscles to relax, too.
5. Imagine your relaxed abdominal muscle has a rippling effect like a switch was pressed that also opens up the door to your heart and the sensation travelling up to open your throat.
6. Allow your self all the time you need to enjoy this sensation and knowing that when ever you want to feel like this you can have it immediately.
I warmly invite you to really experience the effect of this exercise and freely share it with others. You are most welcome to contact me with any questions or share the experience at
Enjoy life, enjoy who you are and unleash true happiness from within.


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