Analogy for Childhood to Adulthood

Written by Mark Spencer, Advanced NLP Coach

Childhood to Adult hood can be like the Niagara Falls on the US/Canadian border.
You grow up in the calm waters of the great lakes, then when your time has come, you proceed toward the Niagara Falls – with no real warning, life just goes that way with the passing of time. One moment you are passing through more fast flowing water, and the next you are thrown over the falls and into a boiling mass

of water. If you think it is over now, you might be fooled.

You proceed towards some of the most tumultuous rapids I have ever seen, massive rocks and giant waves and it seems like the world is against you and you only have one way you can go. Survival is the key at this point. Dodge a few rocks, keep your head above water, but keep going. If only you could see what was ahead – how long you had to last, how many more kilometres?
A bird’s eye view now would be useful as you could be fooled yet again.

You’re about to enter calmer water, like where you were raised. But this is the whirlpool. How long will you stay there? There is many logs and driftwood that have been stuck in the whirlpool for ages. Unaware of their predicament, just circling again and again.

From here, once you decide to leave or even if you bypass, you enter another few kilometres of rapids before settling on a calm path to the sea where you are free.
• Where are you now? The lake, the falls, the rapids part 1, the whirlpool, the rapids part 2, or the river to the sea, or the sea?
• What is your strategy of getting from the Lake, or the bottom of the falls to the sea where you will be free?
• How long will you be in each place?

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