Public Workshop – Tuesday, 9 September 08. Topic: What Colour is your emotion?

NLP Café Brisbane Feeling the blues? What an interesting way to describe an emotion! In fact there are many different ways that we can, not only describe, but work with our emotions. We are not at the mercy of our emotions; we can gain emotional freedom, creating a better health and relationships with our self, loved ones and the environment by learning the tools to work with our emotions.

For All: Create new depth of self understanding and profound insight.

Opening Hours – Registration: 6:15pm, Starts: 6:30pm, Finishes: 8:30pm

Feel free to send to your friends, colleagues and employees or anyone in your network! This venue is limited in size so please RSVP so we know if the venue can handle it, and the number of handouts we need to print.

Cost: Gold Coin donation (for preparation and printing materials)

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NLP Cafe Brisbane Venue

New Farm Library, 135 Sydney St, New Farm, Brisbane For directions, look at
View Google’s Map, but the library is actually to the top right of the marker (A) and the meeting room is under the very large tree, and the carpark is just beyond the traffic island.


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