FAQ: Should NLP be learned consciously or unconsciously?

A few of our NLP Cafe Brisbane attendees commented that “I went to my NLP Practitioner training last year and was told everything we learn is done at an unconscious level and unconscious uptake is everything, and I felt very lost“.  It is my personal belief that when learning at a Practitioner Level, a skillful trainer will always teach at both conscious and unconscious levels.  We naturally learn and take in information unconsciously when we are in the right state and the mental flexibility to allow us temporarily suspend our judgements to allow us internalise the learning experience.  A little bit like when we were very young and learn by following the footsteps of primary caregivers.  In other words the trainer needs to provide a “frame work” for people to hold on to, like the little baby learning how to walk by holding on to something to help him standing upright first. 

I welcome different opinions and constructive view points, thanks.

  • written by Sonya Yeh Spencer

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