The NLP Pattern of the Month: The Change Cycle – by Robert Dilts

To implement the Belief Change Cycle, lay out separate locations for each of the states associated with the ‘landscape’ of belief change. This essentially involves having the person put himself or herself as fully as possible into the experience and physiology associated with each of these aspects of the natural cycle of belief change and ‘anchoring’ them to specific spatial locations.

  1. ‘Wanting to believe’ something new.
  2. The experience of being ‘open to believe’ something new.
    [Note As an additional ‘attractor’ you may identify a ‘mentor’ that helped you to become more ‘open to believe’ by ‘resonating’ with, releasing or unveiling something deeply within you. Then make a physical space for the mentor near the ‘open to believe’ space. Mentors can include children, teachers, pets, people you’ve never met but have read about, phenomena in nature (such as the ocean, mountains, etc.) and even yourself.]
  3. The beliefs that you ‘currently believe’ now, including any limiting beliefs or beliefs that conflict with the new belief you would like to have more strongly.
  4. The experience of being ‘open to doubt’ something you had believed for a long time.
    [Again you may identify another ‘mentor’ that helped you to become more open to doubt something that was limiting you in your life.]
  5. Beliefs that you ‘used to believe’ but no longer believe. [This is a space we sometimes call the ‘museum of personal history’.]
  6. An experience of deep ‘trust’ – perhaps a time when you did not know what to believe anymore but were able to trust in yourself or a higher power.

These states and mentors do not need to have any connection to the current belief issue you are trying to resolve.


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