Follow-up Coaching increases productivity by 88 percent

What happens to the new ways of thinking that you acquired during training on new concepts? The essence of the article cited below is that there is an average of 28% increase in productivity through training, but an 88% if the training is followed up by coaching after the initial training.

This is why we introduced NLP Café Brisbane to accompany all our training modules, meeting usually twice monthly.

Quoting from the article…

Numerous factors have been identified that influence the extent to which knowledge acquired during classroom training transfers to the job (e.g., the work environment; the personality of the trainee).
(1) There is considerable evidence that a critical factor influencing transfer of training is the extent to which the trainee receives the opportunity for practice and constructive feedback.
(2) One-on-one executive coaching can provide this opportunity. Coaching trainees once they return to the job can facilitate the transfer of training, especially if the coaching fosters the development and use of knowledge imparted during training. Through coaching, trainees have a safe, personalized environment in which practice and feedback can take place.

Executive Coaching as a Transfer of Training Tool: Effects on Productivity in a Public Agency. A Journal article by Gerald Olivero, K. Denise Bane, Richard E. Kopelman; Public Personnel Management, Vol. 26, 1997


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