Phobia cure tested during our NLP Practitioner course (Arachnophobia)

Phobia cure is one of the processes we teach on our NLP Practitioner course. The NLP phobia cure uses extended dissociation, unawfulizing, scrambling and future-pacing.

One of our students touching a spider's web after a phobia cure on the course.It is great to test the success of a phobia cure as soon as possible. This is one of our students touching a spider’s web after going through a phobia cure on the course.

DSC 8544She had experienced a shock visit from a spider many years ago when one appeared on her face while in a car travelling at speed – where she could not get away from it straight away. Since then, she had not been able to go into her back yard with freedom and she always suspected shoes had spiders in them if left out.


Here she is now, minutes after the phobia cure, looking and touching the webs of two differnent spiders in different parts of the garden.

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Common forms of phobia:

# Acrophobia Fear of high places
# Agoraphobia Fear of open places
# Arachnophobia Fear of spiders
# Claustrophobia Fear of closed places
# Nyctophobia Fear of darkness
# Xenophobia Fear of the unknown
# Zoophobia Fear of animals
# Social phobia Fear of social situations

See NLP Comprehensive’s 25 year follow up with a phobia cure client – these techniques are long lasting


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