NLP training can be a hugely rewarding experience

– if you pick a good trainer

Your first NLP training can be a hugely rewarding experience – if you pick a good trainer. Chris Morris takes an independent look across the field of NLP and offers some practical advice on how to pick well and get value for money. See his posting on NLP Connections.

From his post….

Here are a few other things to consider:

* Who will be teaching you? This is possibly the main thing you’ll want to research. How did your trainer learn what they’re proposing to teach you?...
* What kind of training experience will it be? NLP trainings vary considerably. Some are very experiential and you get to try things out, do exercises, play games, watch demonstrations, and so on....
* How many other people will be there? It’s a completely different experience to be in a workshop with 15 people or a stadium with 5,000. Some trainers won’t teach less than 100 people at a time...
* How long is the training? The more time you spend developing your skills, the better you’ll get...
* Where is the training?
* How much will it cost?
* What happens afterwards? Will you get any resources to take away after the course? Is your trainer happy to answer any questions that pop into your head a week or a month after the training? Do they have a practice group for their students? Are there opportunities for you to repeat or assist on future trainings, if you want to?

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