NLP Cafe Brisbane, 3-Mar-2009

NLP Café Brisbane

Tuesday, 3-Mar-2009

Topic: Open Coaching / Mentoring (Public Workshop) and Schedule of activities

This is for both practitioners and public.

As described in the 26-Feb-09 session… This is a special session for NLP Practitioners who want to participate in the
Open Coaching / Mentoring activities, but this week with clients attending.
It is also great for those who are new to or know little about NLP to taste the way NLP coaching can be with a mentored coach. You can also sample what NLP is like.


6:10 Registration

6:15 Introduction

6:30 Start (No late arrival at this point)

7:45 Feedback from client

8:00 Practitioner Debrief / disussion

8:30 Cafe Close



  • For Therapist: Enhance your skills by learning in a coaching / mentoring environment
  • For Couples, Parents and Managers: if your not a practioner, come as a client
  • For Individuals: Whether or not you are a practitioner, you can come as a client for some free coaching or therapy!

RSVP Required: for more details




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