NLP Cafe Brisbane – Thursday, 26-Feb-2009

NLP Café Brisbane

Topic: How to gain most out of Open Coaching / Mentoring sessions (NLP Practioner Only)

Improve and market your services with the “Open Coaching / Mentoring Session”.

This is really a landmark session to establish some of the ways we will be providing the Open Coaching / Mentoring Sessions throughout the year.

  • Do you want more people to know what you can do for them?
  • Do you want to provide quality services to your clients?
  • Do you believe we can all learn and assist each other?
  • Do you believe there are benefits for all in creating a good reputation that NLP deserves?

If you answer is ‘yes’ this is the session for you.

This is a special session for NLP Practitioners who want to participate in the Open Coaching / Mentoring activities.

You will experience the art of co-coaching to gain the most out of the Open Coaching / Mentoring experience.

You will also learn what you need to do and understand before you attend the Open Coaching / Mentoring sessions.

During the Open Coaching and Mentoring Sessions the general public can have a free session while you practice your craft. These sessions will allow you to:

  • Use effective client feedback, to find out what worked and what did not.
  • Observe different approaches from other practitioners via the co-coaching process
  • Using modelling techniques to gain insight
  • Bring your business card and marketing materials to allow interested potential clients to take and learn more about you.

Come to the special session on the 26-Feb-09 and we will explain how this is going to work in more detail and prepare you to get the most out of the experience.

  • For Therapist: Enhance your skills by learning in a coaching / mentoring environment


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