3 approaches to Psychotherapy: Carl Rogers, Fritz Perls, Albert Ellis

Shows Gloria, a patient, engaged in therapy with three psychotherapists who have different theories. Includes descriptions of each theory.

  1. Part I features her interview with Carl Rogers a client-centred therapist.
  2. Part II features Frederick Perls, a Gestalt therapist.
  3. Part III features Albert Ellis, a rational-emotive psychotherapist. (1975)

Carl Rogers & Gloria

Person Centred approach. Humanistic style of counseling.

Carl_Rogers 45:40m Carl Rogers & Gloria

Frederick Perls & Gloria

Gestalt Therapy

29:30m Part 2 of 3: Frederick Perls & Gloria

Albert Ellis & Gloria

Rational Emotive (REBT)

29:48m Part 3 of 3: Albert Ellis & Gloria

3 sessions in one video

Link to Three approaches to psychotherapy in one video.

Backup video links in case the above ones become unavailable or for lower resolutions



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