Learn Spiral Dynamics Online

We have enjoyed learning Spiral Dynamics Integral online over the last year, and here you can find out more information about SDi as a concept.

Spiral Dynamics Integral or SDi origins

About 5-Deep5 Deep is not a consultancy but an attractor field that enables emergence to a new and sustainable future. Change lies at its core. We have no predefined solutions as each person and organisation is unique in surviving in their own life conditions.

The work we do often has a intense affect on those we work with, from the total supply chain in large organisations to individual mentoring and self-development. We do not have all the answers but through our global knowledge network we can find people with the right experience.

We help you find the links that cause tension and dissonance between people, communities, suppliers and customers by working in the ‘white space’ between. This allows a different perspective and a ‘shift’ in thinking leading to new solutions to new and old problems or successes.

Change is occurring and the dreams of humankind will become reality – 5 Deep by understanding ‘white space’ will help this transition – however tiny. A time of turbulence, chaos and change that is needed for humankind to be pulled towards the ‘Integral Pulse’. John Cook 2008
The foundation course Part 1 & Part 2 is now enrolling on a continuous basis – This means you can do it in your own time – have 1-2-1 sessions but still be part of a larger group. Completion of Part 1 and Part 2 gives Level One Accreditation. To find out more about this course please contact us – Click Here for current courses. Integral-Pulse online course information and registration.


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