NLP Practice evening, Tuesday 7 July 09, 18:30 – 21:00, New Farm Library

NLP Café Brisbane

Tuesday 7 July 09

Topic: Unconscious Signals, n Steps of Reframe, Words that move people

This is for NLP practitioners and NLP Master practitioners only.
Come and join us for this special session on Tuesday 7 July 09

1. Practice – New Code NLP: unconscious signals and N steps of Reframe
2. Practice – From Impossibility to Possibility – Words that move people

RSVP required

Date: Tuesday 7 July 09

Food: Some snacks, fruits, tea and coffee are provided. There is microwave to heat up food as well.


6:00 – Cafe Door Opens – Feel free to bring some food to heat up in the Microwave, have some snacks or have a cuppa (Tea and Coffee supplied)
6:30 – Session Starts
9:00 – Cafe Closes

Location: New Farm Library, 135 Sydney St, New Farm, (07) 3403 1062

Fees: $5.00 at the door


  • For Therapist: Enhance your skills by learning in an environment that stretches your capabilities in New Code NLP and possibly a new process for you.
  • For anyone: Connection with your unconscious.

RSVP Required: for more details


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