NLP and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder atricle Excerpts… Mar 30 2009 By Craig McQueen

DURING his military career, Andy Lorimer saw action in warzones and troublespots including Iraq, the Balkans and Northern Ireland.

….He said: “I was having nightmares, flashbacks, insomnia. My behaviour was very odd. I was sent for evaluation by a psychiatrist and I was diagnosed with PTSD.”

Medically discharged in 2003 with a war pension, Andy then had to try to get help…..

….started getting better thanks to neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

NLP examines patterns of behaviour and the experiences that underpins them and aims to help people change their behaviour through self-awareness and effective communication.

See the full atricle

Recent news on the rise of PTSD

Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (2009, September 15). Iraq Troops’ PTSD Rate As High As 35 Percent, Analysis Finds. ScienceDaily. Retrieved September 16, 2009, from­ /releases/2009/09/090914151629.htm


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