NLP Training now in Brisbane – NLP Practitioner Course

NLP Practitioner Course, More information, to register, download our brochure

…offering certificates co-signed by the founders of the International Trainers Academy – John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll. This course is the only one available in Australia and NZ of this type.

The newly developed NLP Practitioner Course is being offered as a unique small group coached training in Brisbane. The first of the series started during November 2009, and there is a series of these being offered throughout 2010 in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. See our Training Schedule for dates of programs throughout 2010 and our Detailed Schedule for training provided by both our organization and our associates.

Our NLP Practitioner Course is practical, effective and full of profound concepts and information. The comprehensive 18-day program brings you the working foundations and principles of NLP. You will rapidly integrate the NLP techniques you have learned into your work and personal life.

Enjoy the unique coaching style of training in smaller classes which has a high facilitator to student ratio maximises your learning and ultimately your investment in the training.

An NLP Practioner qualification is Internationally recognized and allows you to continue with an NLP Master Practitioner certificate at a later stage with us or another NLP Training organization.

Course content

At minimum, the course will cover the following areas:
* Calibration (input channels)
* Rapport
* Representational systems
* Language patterns (Meta Model, Milton Model, Verbal Package)
* Methods of verifying map alignment
* Metaphor competency
* Anchoring techniques
* Multiple perceptual positions
* Chain of Excellence
* Epistemology of NLP
* Hypnotic patterning, trance, hypnosis
* N-Step Reframing
* Working with the unconscious mind
* Parts Interventions
* New Code NLP Competencies (updated to the latest in August 2009)

This course also offers the ongoing training and support through the NLPCafeBrisbane. NLP Café Brisbane is an NLP practice group, which aims to help NLP Professionals to advance their skills and individuals to learn to use the tools they were born with. We train in NLP Classic Code, New Code, and some of the most up to date developments in related disciplines. Attendance at the course guarantees your support at NLPCafeBrisbane.
Full NLP Practitioner Certification (18 Days)
Combo + Certification process

Why choose us?

This is a most unique course and is leading the advancement in NLP Training.

* Unique Coaching format so you get maximum result from your training.

* Small Class to provide you with quality attention. Our classes are small. The coached style of teaching, together with most effective way to learn and apply the art of NLP, ensuring a unique and accelerated learning experience. Be the one that stands out from the crowd with NLP
* Highly Qualified Trainers with international experience.
* Exceptional Quality and Practical Excellence.
* Our course meets the criteria globally for certification with additional skills, information and knowledge from world leaders in the field of NLP.
* Facilitated by currently practicing professional coaches and therapist who brings additional insight.
* All of our training content is true to the core of the essence of NLP, which is modelling, at the same time includes the latest advancements that is the New Code of NLP. See NLP Co-creator, John Grinder’s own distinctions regarding training that can be found on the International Trainers Academy website.
* This is the only training program in the region supported by on going, regular practice and continuous development facilities.

If after completing our course you choose to be certified (training and certification are separate events) by us, your certificate will carry Grinder, Bostic St Clair and Carroll’s signature. The certification process will be rigorous to ensure the quality standards set by Grinder, Bostic St Clair and Carroll are maintained.

International Trainers Academy
International Trainers Academy
More information is available here  

Register/Brochure download here


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