NLP Cafe Brisbane venue

Map of NLP Cafe Brisbane venue

NLP Café Brisbane is a quality, active NLP practice group, which aims to help NLP Professionals to advance their skills. This group was established by Blue-Sky Transformation as part of their “Sustainable Success through Community Contribution” initiative and an outpost program of NLP Comprehensive. Members meet twice a month to learn, practice and develop their NLP skills and applications.
NLP Café Brisbane is also the premier source of information for the public regarding NLP application and professional services and acceptable conduct.

Opening Hours

Door Opens at 6:00pm, Registration: 6:15pm, Starts: 6:30pm, Finishes: 8:30pm or 09:00pm some nights

For more detailed Maps and venue details

NLPCafeBrisbane venue, New Farm Library, Brisbane



Feel free to send to your friends, colleagues and
employees or anyone in your network! This venue is limited in size so please RSVP so we know if the venue can handle it, and the number of handouts we need to print.

Fees: $5 for preparation and printing materials and we also provide a snack, fruit, tea & coffee, and there is a Microwave/Kitchen to heat a meal.

Go and check out our Group on LinkedIn, you can join from this link
Go and check out our Group on Facebook, you can join from this link

Join our group – LinkedIn
Join our group – Facebook


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