Jobs Are The New Assets

1. Jobs Are The New Assets – 10 Ideas Changing the World Right Now – TIME

Quoting from the article… That was neatly explained away by the “wealth effect”: we spent money we didn’t have because we felt — and technically were — richer because of our assets.
All the while, we blissfully ignored a little concept economists like to call human capital. The cognition you’ve got up there in your head — your education and training — it’s worth something. We can extract value not just from our homes and our portfolios but from ourselves as well. The mechanism for extracting that value? A job. “The income you earn from working is like the stream of interest income you might get from owning a bond,” says Johns Hopkins University economist Christopher Carroll. “Think of it as a dividend on your human wealth.”Human capital is worth quite a lot. Gary Becker, the Nobel Prize-winning University of Chicago economist, figures that in a modern industrialized economy, 75% to 80% of a person’s economic output comes from human capital (as opposed to, say, land or machinery). Of course, during the bubble years (first stocks, then housing), the noneconomists among us didn’t exactly think about it that way. “People became mesmerized by how rich they were,” says Becker, “and didn’t realize the crucial asset they had in their earning power.”… ….instead of spending thousands of dollars to build a new deck, you’re more likely to use that money to take a class.
Careers expert Dick Bolles sees another shift coming. If as a society, we turn our attention back to work — if we dote on our jobs as much as we did on our homes and portfolios in an earlier era — then we’ll have to start asking deeper questions about why we do what we do.

Do you have a really bad job right now?  It could be worse...

Do you have a really bad job right now? I’m guessing it could be worse… imagine moving to the career you really wanted to pursue right now.

It has been said that IQ lands you a job, and EQ keeps you in the job. These days more employers, recruitment agencies and HR specialists are recognising the importance and overiding effect of a person’s EQ on individual’s performance at their job, their team effectiveness and an organisation’s culture.

Students of this type of training say that they approach life on a whole new level.

You can stagger your training

We have divided our course into 3 modules, allowing you to pace your study to your needs. Essential NLP/NLP Foundations provides the Emotional Intelligence basis, a strong connection with self, self-awareness and self-management skills. These can be used stand-alone, or to contribute towards your eventual growth with the NLP Practitioner program.

So, if you are changing your career or investing in the future, then investing in yourself could not be a better, more safe and sound investment. Take a course in NLP to boost the foundational skills of your life.


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