Attention: Project and Program Managers

How can NLP help you to resolve many of the Project / Program management issues? NLP can help in the following areas as a starter:

  • Elicit measureable, agreeable, specific scope definition using just three simple frame works that NLP presents
  • Deliver to stakeholder expectations, maximising existing project resources
  • How to get through barriers and establish progress from day 1 in your project
  • Properly utilize governance support, not wasting your time and not wasting their time
  • Generating agreement using language patterns to move people from no agreement to agreement and using specific NLP communication formats consistently so all parties will be speaking the same language.
  • Team and Stakeholder / Customer relationship building and management: the key to foster health group dynamic and to achieve the goal is by creating strong, mutually respectful relationships with Trust! Often times, people build a sense of trust in the first 30-60 seconds they meet you. The sense of trust is deepened if you can truly get into another person’s shoes to gain understanding that is missing from the spoken words.

All of the above are only some of the benefits that NLP can deliver.

Your trainers, Mark Spencer and Sonya Yeh Spencer have successfully utilised NLP in their prospective IT contracting roles – as Program Managers, Project Managers, Vendor Management, Strategist, Business Analysts… See our LinkedIn profiles (Mark, Sonya) for our track records of Program and Project work globally and extensively in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

The benefit really demonstrates itself in how we can quickly put all the pieces of jigsaw together, move with the changing condition but never lose sight of the goal so our team can progress continuously not stagnating. The result is not just delivered within budget and on time, but the best strategic solution that the vender, project team and stakeholder can provide.

NLP Practitioner Course More information here Click here to register

We are offering certificate programs co-signed by the founders of the International Trainers Academy – John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll. This course is the only one available in Australia and NZ of this type.

The newly developed NLP Practitioner Course will be offered as a unique small group coached training in Brisbane with the first of the series starting during November 2009.

Enjoy the unique coaching style of training in smaller classes which has a high facilitator to student ratio maximises your learning and ultimately your investment in the training.

An NLP Practioner qualification is Internationally recognized and allows you to continue with an NLP Master Practitioner certificate at a later stage with us or another NLP Training organization.

Check this out right now and get ahead of the game.

Remember that a career in any management field involves coping with complexity; a life of leadership relies on your coping with change. If you want to lead, you need to be able to cope with change. NLP assists you in making complex things simple, and gives you the skills to lead change in your own life, with others.


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