Who Takes NLP Training?

We have found that those of you who want to study NLP come from 3 main areas: Self development, Career and Coaching (others).

The one thing common amongst most of them is their profound desire to better understand, work with, and change human experience and behaviour to achieve (and/or assist others to achieve) more of the life that they want.
The list of vocations that we get includes: Coaches, Therapists, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Managers, HR specialists, Sports Trainers, Project Managers, Program Managers, Business Analysts, Teachers, Trainers, Sales people, Lawyers, Medical staff, Single Parents, Parents, Couples, Personal Coaches, Developers, IT staff, IT Testers, Business Owners, Psychologists, Medical workers, Nurses, Telesales, Hypnotherapists, Body workers, Alternative healers, Networking specialists, Marketers, Speakers, Counsellors and anyone that works with people in some way.

See our more complete page of the reasons why people choose to get an NLP Practitioner qualification.

NLP is a set of tools which when applied, offer incredible assistance in many different contexts. NLP is for people who want to develop their skills further and study models of excellence which can be applied in their fields of endeavour.


Understand and develop strategies to bring your clients and colleagues to quicker decision points. Develop outcomes for groups, the organisation and clients to increase productivity. Increase your ability to read and interpret the conscious and unconscious signals exhibited by others for effective negotiation and conflict resolution.


Deliver your message to a group in a manner that is directly compatible to the way individuals within the group process information. NLP offers you insights on how people learn. Educators who want to adapt their teaching strategies for maximal effect in communicating with their students can do so using NLP.


For practitioners who wish to gain insight into the real value their clients/patients put on their own health. Learn how to deliver your message in a way that is highly effective and discover new ways of offering assistance. Practitioners who wish to assist others towards a healthier, more vital lifestyle will find NLP methods extremely valuable.


Communication and performance with fellow staff, clients, customers and peers can be at optimum levels any time. You can find out what people really want as you learn to decode the non-verbal language of others with more clarity and accuracy.


High performing athletes and sports people can find it valuable to know what motivates and inspires excellent performance. NLP offers the ability to replicate (model) excellent performance consistently.

Human Resources

Managers whose career depends on their ability to manage people effectively, to communicate accurately and rapidly, and to consistently produce excellent results will find that NLP will enhance their skills and teach them strategies of excellence. Discover what motivates & inspires others and how to harness and use that knowledge in your work.

Business and Life Coaching

NLP skills are some of the most effective for enabling change in business and life coaching. Traditionally, coaching tends to work on the problem and NLP trained coaches work towards an outcome, discovering what it is the client really wants and what resources they require. The ability to take in information from others and discover patterns of behaviour and language without introducing your own values and beliefs makes for exceedingly professional change work.


Parents today are faced with wide ranging methods and advice for how they deal with the rewards and challenges of having children. NLP is well known for it’s gentle, easy and effective methods for encouraging children. Helping them establish strategies that enhance their learning, relationships, environment, values and identity.

Personal Development

Are you satisfied with where you are in your life? If you want to improve your communication in varying situations, consistently perform at a higher level, enhance your relationships in both professional and personal life, have more satisfaction day to day, then the methodology and skills of NLP will have you on the way.


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