Effective Communication

All the elements of Effective Communication have been incorporated into our NLP Foundations / Essential NLP courses.

For your emergence to really take hold, it is more about what is going on inside you then what is going on outside of you. When it is going on inside of you, it is happening largely in language. Does your internal dialog support and uplift you, or remind you of self-imposed limitations?

To Communicate effectively, we must increase our Sensory Awareness

In this course, we will help you learn all the various ‘languages’ of human communication so that you can ‘read’ what is really being communicated to you and ensure that you are communicating clearly with others. You should start to understand how we link ideas, memories and feelings by using triggers and learn to dissociate from those which are negative and disempowering and enhance or create links which enable us to be resourceful.

Effective Communication which is incorporated into NLP Foundations / Essential NLP, will enable you to compliment your communication ability by:

  • Learning the skills of building rapport so that you can let others to ‘see eye to eye’ with you and this allows you to get your message across more effectively.
  • Understand the difference between goals and outcomes, realising that becoming ‘outcome conscious’ allows you to determine and control your communication and ultimately, your life.
  • Create your own ideal self by learning to master your internal feelings and emotions.

Effective Communication has been incorporated into our NLP Foundations / Essential NLP courses.

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