Podcast: Making a Decision? Take Your Time

A recent study shows that when faced with a decision, it’s best to take some time–relax and cool off–so logical thinking can guide us to the best choice. Christie Nicholson reports (Scientific American)
Play the Podcast here:
sa_p_podcast_100417 or from Scientific American’s Website (Note that this broadcast uses stereo features and for part of the time, sound only comes from one channel)

Brain imaging studies show that low offers activate the anterior insula, an area associated with feelings of disgust or anger. So the authors note that the delay allows us to chill out and accept the most logical and best option even if we’re dealing with cheapskate partner.

Notes: From our perspective, could this cooling off time be where the unconscious has a chance to get a message through to you about the choice?

Also see The Allais Paradox where ‘a sure thing’ just seems better than a ‘gamble that might leave us with nothing’. Where we figure that both options are unlikely to happen, we might as well go for broke on the greater option. (People act the same way with lotteries: we typically buy the ticket for the biggest possible prize, regardless of the odds.)

By Jonah Lehrer October 21, 2010 | 9:52 am | Categories: Frontal Cortex, Science Blogs

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