Derren Brown with Saachi and Saachi, Rapport and Mirroing

Many of the skills that Derren Brown is using are pure genius. Not everything here is meant to be done at home – that is not our intention for showing these. These videos are brilliant examples in some cases of deep rapport, language skills and anchoring – showing just how things can happen. You will notice that in most of the cases where Derren is primarily involed, he is extremely focused on the subject and very congruent with what he is doing.

As to Derren’s intentions, the only time I have seen him share this was in one presentation, he said that as a child he was not satisfied with the explanation that something was majic, so in all cases, he pursued the phenomona until he could work out what was really happening and then he started replicating these phenomina and [possibly] developing his own.

Descriptions we have added are not necessarily how Derren Brown would describe it, but they are an NLP description of what is happening.

The simulacrum is never that which conceals the truth – it is the truth which conceals that there is none. The simulacrum is true.

The importance of the rapport – The process of mirroring, by Derren Brown a fascinating demonstration that we are only separated by skin.

Derren Brown with Saachi and Saachi and shows how they (advertising and marketing) influence us, but he influences them for a change, and shows us how.

Derren Brown using Phonelogical ambiguity (Milton Model) to suggest what gift to get.

Derren Brown – Abondoned Wallet Trick No real explanation, but a great metaphor for framing.

Derren makes people forget which stop they’re getting off – the power engaging and moving peoples eye patterns, together with embedded commands.

Derren Brown – Colour-blind Clever spatial and K anchoring to help her do better in college, but then he messes with her representations of colours. A number of patterns quickly demonstrated (anchoring and submodalities) and explained briefly here.

Derren Brown uses anchoring (on the woman’s arm) and submodalities of what a person believes and what they don’t believe spatially to then change their perceptions of colour on the cards by showing them in the spatially in the same place as doubt/believe.

Derren Brown uses Rapport and his language (analogical marking) to pay for products with blank pieces of paper.

Derren Brown uses Milton Model (Phonelogical ambiguity) to control a crowd… Listen to the announcement he was making during the early part of the video to see how he planted the commands in the unconscious for later executing.

Derren Brown – Person Swap This is very entertaining, but also demonstrates that if the ‘replacement person’ maintains the same posture as the first person and ‘acts as if’ nothing has happened, then the receiver of the communication is less aware of what has just happened and continues. I’m sure the receiver of these was puzzled – searching for what representation of the previous person was, but not being able to get to the specifics because of the rapport built on posture and intention.

How to get drunk without drinking Many content impositions, but having a client associating into an experience of being drunk – the power of working with the person’s experience, associating them into 1st position very well and working with submodalities and a visual anchor (word on the page). If you ask what the word was, you’ve missed the point. Also test how long the anchor lasted, but was not explicit as to the time lapse.


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