An NLP Master Practitioner Program unlike any other

Our Master practitioner program is unlike any other in the world. Modules (New Code, Modelling and the Elective) can be taken in any order and over an extended period of timeThis is one of the most comprehensive, in depth and practical NLP Master Practitioner courses that will help students take the quantum leap in their skill level to artfully applying NLP in all areas of their life. The key focus is on the core of NLP – Modelling. students will experience fully the process of modelling and how to replicate talent. As a result, students will be able to accelerate the development of their personal genius, gaining insight into individuals and groups, and creating powerful change with advanced language patterns and NLP Application includes the Moiré Pattern.

The heart of this program is the provision for ongoing opportunities to learn modelling skills and New Code NLP. Through our specialised processes students can
learn to expand, develop and become even more flexible with their model of the world by exploring patterns of behaviour within themselves and others.

We do this program as a series of separate modules which can be taken over time as the student paces their own learning and of course working with their budget and opportunities to take time out. This is a course that deepens, extends and stretches participant’s capabilities to truly elevate their level of competency.

The New Code NLP and Modelling with Advanced NLP Patterns are all mandatory subjects that are delivered by Blue-Sky Transformation. The Master Class Electives is where choices can be made that suits the student’s requirements, depending on the available electives that are offered by us or by our training partners within the specific timeframe.

How does it work?

There are three individual modules of the NLP Master Practitioner Program. These are:

  • NLP New Code (5 days)
  • Modelling with Advanced NLP Patterns (12 days)
  • Master Class Elective (4+ days).

NLP Master Practitioner Program

Pre-requisites: NLP Foundations or Essential NLP (NZ) + NLP Practitioner Certification

Normal duration: 21+ days

See the full NLP Master Practitioner Program description, options and suggested electives – there is one you can take with John Grinder next week and the week after!


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