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Auckland and Brisbane Course starting soon! Get the Auckland Early Bird and save $225. This 8 days Essential NLP program will surely get you on the fast train to success! Brisbane starts in July, Auckland starts in September 2010. Click here for more details.

Grinder, Bostic St Clair and Carroll ink signature certificate for trained NLP Practitioners. If you are already trained as a NLP Practitioner and now want to learn the latest and obtain the ink signature of Grinder, Bostic St Clair and Carroll. We have now found a way, so contact us today, info@blue-skytransformation.com for more details.

The Best Qualification by collaboration. Yes, some Inspiritive and NLP Academy NLP programs are part of Blue-Sky Transformation’s Master Practitioner Electives. Blue-Sky Transformation is working in partenership with Inspiritive in Australia and NLP Academy in the UK to bring you the best NLP qualification and training program in the world. Find out more …

New Code NLP is coming. Be the first to become a NLP New Code Practitioner.

This course brings the full set of NLP New Code Patterns that are elegant, effective and will elevate your skill level. If you are already a well trained and praciticed NLP Practitioner with great calibration skills, this will be a great course for you. Are you ready to be New Code Certified? This is the only course that recieves Ginder and Bostic St Clair’s ink signatured certification.

Last Chance! Grinder’s Healer Within course in Melbourne. Learn how to use NLP to access your own inner healer and help others to do the same. Click here for more details.

Successful Living Tips

How to build great relationships

”Who ever is going to be responsible for dealing with the consequences of the decision, makes the final decision” is one of the understandings that served us well in both business conduct and personal relationships. This is based on the NLP process of Outcome, Intention and Consequences, developed by John Grinder.

This is especially useful in a blended family situation, when one parent is responsible for their biological children.

Send us any questions about this tip to: sonya@blue-skytransformation.com


Business NLP: Know thy self and others for long term success

By Sonya Yeh Spencer, ITA NLP Trainer, Educator, Coach
The old Chinese saying, roughly translated here, “Know thy self and your enemy will ensure you win every time” doesn’t sit so well with me these days. I prefer to think “Know thy self and others for long term success”. Why do I say for “long term success”? Read more

New Code NLP: The Modern Approach
By Michael Carroll, ITANLP Master Trainer, Educator, Coach

The field of NLP is moving forward in an exciting new direction. NLP was originally coded using the underlying principles of early computers, hence the name ‘programming’. Imagine if we all insisted on using computers developed in the 1970s. While that may sound crazy, many in NLP are following that logic in sticking with the NLP of the 1970s. Yes, the Classic Code of NLP is great and some of the fundamentals do not change; it paved the way for the new developments. If you want the latest and most powerful change processes, take a look at the New Code of NLP. Read more

Rapport Building: Insight into raising voice tone to build rapport
By Steve Andreas, NLP Trainer, Educator, Developer
“Ah, a linguistic question! This phenomenon is known in linguistics as ‘high rising terminal,’ or HRT. Its origins have been variously located as the American West or New Zealand (the latter where it is widely used, as I experienced when I taught linguistics on the South Island for several years). It’s also found in Australia and a number of other spots in the world.
An Australian study found it was used more by the younger generation. A New Zealand study noted ‘use of HRTs being favored by young Maori and by young Pakeha [people of European descent] women’”

Read more


How could the theatre of the mind be generated by the machinery of the brain?
Did you know that about 10 percent of the hearing impaired people get musical hallucinations? Did you also know that about 10 percent of the visually impaired people get visual hallucinations? How do we do it? In this fascinating video you will learn a little bit more about how our brain works. Watch the Video


Dr. Michael Arbib on Mirror Neurons

A mirror neuron is a neuron that fires both when an animal or human acts and also when the human or animal observes the same action performed by another.

From an NLP perspective, we would say that the functions of Mirroring were discovered 20 years earlier by Grinder and Bandler during the earliest days of the creation of NLP and it took some years for the Scientific community and the associated instruments (such as fMRI) to prove or rediscover them.
Play the Podcast here or from Brain Science Podcast

Events – Training & NLP Café

Our NLP Practitioner Training is setting the standards in the world of NLP Training. We provide training in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Auckland and Wellington.

Our full 18 day NLP Practitioner certification course has two parts. The first part is an 8 day NLP Foundations/Essential NLP program. This program provides a solid foundation for ongoing learning, yet full of practical and effective NLP processes to create true value for all attendees. Some people will only complete the first 8 days of this Essential NLP program. The second part of the training is NLP Practitioner Certification program. This training builds on the foundation of Essential NLP and develops comprehensive and sophisticated level of NLP application, with all the latest developments and distinctions. This is for attendees who like to use NLP as part of their core capability and utilise powerful patterns to help themselves and individuals to create personal success and excellence. See our Training Schedule for dates of programs throughout 2010.

July 2010, NLP Foundations, Brisbane, Australia
Starting Next Month. Take advantage of the introduction special, only 3 more spaces left!
Part I: 15-18 July, Part II: 28-31 July 

Best Value Investment: (AU)$2,110 GST incl Book now… 
Spaces are limited for maximum learning, more info… venue…

Sep 2010, NLP Foundations, Auckland, New Zealand
Early Bird Finishes this Month! Be quick to save NZ$700 and beat the fee rise
Part I: 15-18 Sep, Part II: 22-25 Sep

Normal Fee: (NZ)$2500+GST – Book now for (NZ)$1,800+GST saving you (NZ)$700 if payed before 30/June/2010
Spaces are limited more info… Book now…

November 2010, NLP Foundations, Brisbane, Australia
Early Bird Finishes on 10 August! Be quick to save AUS$682

Part I: 10-13 Nov, Part II: 17-20 Nov
Normal Fee: (AU)$2,640 GST incl Book now… for (AU)$2,110 GST incl, saving you (AU)$530
Spaces are limited more info… venue…

About Training

Here are the factors that make Blue-Sky Transformation’s NLP Training stand out:

  1. Mark Spencer and Sonya Yeh Spencer are the only Certified Trainers of NLP, in Classic Code and New Code, Trained and Certified by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll in Australia and New Zealand.
  2. You learn REAL NLP and gain REAL Client Experiences while on the course. So you are ready to use NLP tools outside the class room
  3. You will get the most up-to-date NLP distinctions, development and patterns. Blue-Sky Transformation is part of the International Trainers Academy of NLP (ITANLP) and involving in NLP Development and pattern testing.
  4. Our trainers and guest trainers have real experience using NLP as change agents for business and therapy setting outside the training room. We bring real insight and transfer real skills to you. Would you learn to wire your house with a chef? Would you learn to become a surgeon from an arborist? How well can you perform if you learn from people who do not practice NLP in real life? There are NLP trainers and there are NLP Trainers with real experience.
  5. The only training program supported by regular ongoing practice and continuous development facilities via NLP Café Brisbane.
  6. Small class size provides you with quality attention and real learning.
  7. Unique coaching format so you get maximum results from your training.
  8. The only training organisation that can offer NLP Practitioner Certificate with the ink signature of John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll
  9. We have specific model for training and evaluation that ensures your learning is transferred into real life, that generates behavioral change and create positive results.
  10. We actively collaborate with trainers and training organizations internationally to provide you with choices, quality and benefits of learning, to suit your needs.


p>See FAQs about our training or go to our Training Calendar

NLP Café Brisbane Calender 2010

Go straight to the NLP Café Brisbane site

Thursday, 26 June, 2010
Special Public workshop: Accelerated Performance State for any context
You can train yourself to be highly effective in any situation at anytime, all you need is to know how and practice consistently.
In this special workshop you will learn the “how” and gain insight into how you operate.

This workshop is suitable to both public and practitioners and establishe the habit of been highly effective.
Location: New Farm Library for more info … RSVP for this session

Thursday, 6 July, 2010
Open Coaching and Mentoring
Practice your skills and help others at the same time
In this session, as a practitioner you will apply your NLP skills to assist someone who has no idea what NLP is, and recieve mentoring from experienced NLP Coachs and Trainers.

As a general public attending this session you will get an effective coaching session for a minimal fee
Location: New Farm Library for more info … RSVP for this session

John Grinder in Australia

The Healer Within
Grinder & Bostic St Clair, Melbourne, Australia (Date: 11th-13th June, 2010. 9.30am until 5.30pm). The New Code of NLP in The Healer Within – The New Code of NLP is a fundamental reorganisation and recoding of NLP. It focuses on the interface between conscious attention, the cognitive unconscious and the manipulation of state towards excellence.

In the New Code (as opposed to the original Classic Code), NLP co-originator John Grinder has outlined and described the distinction between NLP as a model making endeavour and NLP as an application. This distinction ensures practitioners fully understand how to apply NLP patterns to their personal lives while also helping others apply it to their own lives.

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