How to choose the right NLP Training

“Real NLP Trainers distinguish processes from content because they understand the importance of such a distinction and they have the skill to show you the ‘How’, what it is like to experience it and what it is like to do it” …Learning NLP is like learning martial arts; you need to do it to understand, not just reading from a book.
How to choose the right NLP Training, 28 page eBook
eBook: How to choose the right NLP Training

This Guide is our attempt to assist you to make the right choice for you by suppling you with the some useful information and developments in the world of NLP training as an industry is not regulated. There are many associations out there offering no real quality assurance, standards or independent evaluation.

Many of the associations exist only to provide benefit for its trainers and practitioners for promotional purposes. NLP and what you need to do to ensure you identify a quality training, so your hard earned money is used to invest in your life, not as a waste.

Some training schools believe New Code NLP is far greater than the Classic Code. We believe you cannot teach New Code without the skill set and capabilities developed with Classic Code. Classic has many merits and New Code does take NLP into an area that is previously not explored and very powerful as a tool.

The fact is, NLP is about choices and creating options, we now have more options at our disposal. Both New Code and Classic Code of NLP are equally important.

…There are various different NLP training offering that ranges from weekend course, three days, seven days to 18 days or more. The quality of these courses varies dramatically. The cause of this trend…

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