Treating Trauma NLP Client Session with Steve Andreas

Decision Destroyer NLP Technique

From Real People Press NLP Videos

In this excerpt of a clinical demonstration, Steve Andreas uses the Decision Destroyer NLP technique developed by Richard Bandler. This womans trauma is resolved without knowing anything about the content of the trauma.

This method utilizes the cause-effect presupposition inherent in trauma—that an impactful experience will have an effect on later experiences—by creating a positive experience that occurs before a traumatic one.

Recorded at the Milton Erickson Brief Therapy Conference in December 2008 (BT08-DVD2). 55-minute DVD. 3-page handout. Get it here:

Steve Andreas

Steve Andreas, MA, has been learning, teaching, and developing therapeutic methods in Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP) for 30 years. he is author of Six Blind Elephants, Transforming Yourself, and Virginia Satir: the Patterns of Her Magic, and co-author of Heart of the Mind and Change Your Mind – and Keep the Change.


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