Changing Education Paradigms

Another inspiring RSA Animate taken from a speech given at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education expert and recipient of the RSA Benjamin Franklin award. (Video: HD 720p)

Some quotes and summaries…
Education, cultural identity, globalisation, and the old adage: Hard work, do well, go to college, and you’ll get a good job. Today, kids don’t believe this. Raise the standards. The intellectual model of the mind was based upon deductive reasoning and the knowledge of the classics = academic ability. This system judges many as not smart. The plague of the prescriptions being issued for ADHD. Kids are being medicated and penalised for being distracted by what this world offers. ADHD increases as you travel east in the US.

The arts are victims of this mentality – art is an aesthetic experience, when the senses are operating at their peak, fully alive. An anaesthetic is where you shut your sense off and deaden yourself to what is happening. We should be waking them up. Education is modelled on the interest of industrialism. We batch students based upon their date of manufacture (age).

Divergent thinking is not the same thing as creativity. Divergent thinking is thinking along the lines of a multiple answers.

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