In the garden of choices

by Sonya Yeh Spencer, Certified ITA NLP Trainer
I was working in our little veggie patch this morning, enjoying the gentle sunshine and watching a butterfly getting intoxicated on the sweet nectar of our nasturtium, orange, yellow and red, adorned with glistening pearls of dew. Satisfied, I sat and admired how the golden garden lizards were fattening up by eating away most of the garden pests this year, because we have created a more balanced garden environment to cater for all the little creatures. As I was picking away at the juicy plump strawberries, I noticed something was not quite right.

The snow peas are growing strong, yet there are very little flowers or peapods, the sliverbeets are large with emerald green leaves, yet the new growth seems stunted. The little warm house for germinating seeds has a big bare patch where nothing has germinated after three weeks. Beneath the surface there is something not right in the patch and I am glad that I have notice the signs early before things get worse.

Are you noticing the signs in your business, relationships or within you? If you are noticing signs that say “all is not as good as you thought”, what do you want to do about it? What are your choices?

what would you like to plant?
Start anew, what would you like to do differently?

One of the most powerful things that NLP has offered me is the power of ‘Choice’ and the power to ‘Create’. It is like having a clean canvas to paint, new pages to write, bare land to cultivate. What do you want to paint, write or grow? We will still have to work with the sun, the wind, the elements and the soil, while some elements we cannot control, but the soil can always be improved and the plants can be moved to a better position if they are not doing so well. The choice is ours, with the right tools, skills and keen awareness, the garden of our business, relationships and self can prosper and grow.


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