2010 (end of year)

Are you looking forward to 2011?

We hope you are, because we have got lots in store for you in 2011. We have received some requests in the NLP topics that our readers would like to read more about. These include:

  • Logical Levels and Logical Types – how does understanding these concepts relate to our every day lives?
  • The Importance of State – In New Code and Classic Code of NLP
  • The Metaphor of Self – How it influences us
  • and much more … feel free to send through the topics that you would like to read more about.

Your Response to the weekend training

Thanks to all who have responded so positively to our new weekend NLP Foundations Training format. We only have 2 spaces remaining for the January Weekend NLP Foundations. This course is only available in Brisbane currently, you can find out more here.

Thank you for your support throughout 2010

We would like to use this opportunity to thank you, our readers, for your feedback, suggestions and promotion throughout the year and we appreciate your continued support for the coming year.

NLP Cafe Brisbane will be back next February with new contents as well to cater for different needs and levels of our practitioners. The New Farm Library is currently still working through allocating spaces and we hope to get a confirmation from them very soon

We wish you a very Happy Christmas and New Year and we look forward to share more in 2011!

Mark and Sonya


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