How quickly can you start relaxing and change your response?

By Sonya Yeh Spencer, Certified ITA NLP Trainer, Advanced NLP Coach
Press Play to Start RelaxingPause what you've been doing
Have you ever been in a situation that you need to calm down and change your responses quickly to make sure things don’t get out of hand? Maybe you have wanted to find ways to quickly relax after a very intense day or event? Many of us know that stress and prolonged stress conditions impacts on our quality of life and relationships in the short run and can cause many ailments in the long run.

Stress management is an important life skill that we need to have in this modern world.

You can induce a sense or relaxation in one simple step

Sometimes the road to relaxation seems hard to achieve, especially after a hard day, or under demanding situations. You might already know many of the techniques but at times it feels hard to kick-start the process. So, is there a simple way to kick-start the process and help you induce a sense of relaxation whenever you want during the day? The answer is “YES YOU CAN”!

Change your stress physiology

If you have been trained in NLP you will understand the power of changing your physiology to create the “Chain of Excellence”. When we are under stress and our body is in a fight of flight situation, and we naturally tighten our abdominal muscles, so relax your abdominal muscles and feel the change of your emotional state.

If you find it hard like I used to, then do the following to learn how to relax your abdominal muscles:

  • Learn a bit about the layers of your abdominal muscles and to visualise them in terms of their structure and location in your body
  • Imagine when the abdominal muscle is tightened is like a very tightly held fist and feel your finger nails dig into your palm, the strain on your fingers, the back of your hand and your arm. Now release the tightly held fist, allow it to rest on your lap or naturally hang by the side of your body.

It is good for your health and to increase your success

Make this tip into a habit so you can respond more appropriately to help you create more successes in life. When under very demanding situations, you do not need to be stressed to produce results, in fact, you can perform very effectively while maintaining a sense of calm to think clearly.

As the stress level builds up, they will naturally reach a tipping point that turns into panic and like an overloaded fuse, and from then on – we simply not able to function effectively.

To be able to change your emotional state by changing your physiology from being stressed to relaxed, is good for your health, quality of life and your chance to succeed in life.

If you would like to read more about our stress responses, you can see our article on The Critical Seconds.


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