2011, what a significant year already

2011 has got all the glaring signs of an unforgettable year!

We really hope that you and your family are safe and sound, wherever you are while reading our first newsletter for this year – 2011. The library room where we normally meet for NLP Café in Brisbane (in New Farm) was affected by the flood, but is now Ok.

Who'd ever think that they would take the time to learn mirroring while so busy with floods, cyclones and armies and the like.
Who'd ever think that Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Queensland Premier Anna Bligh would take the time to learn mirroring while so busy with floods, cyclones and the like

Appetite, with an opinion of attaining, is called hope; the same, without such opinion, despair. Thomas Hobbes (1588 – 1679)

There are Silver Linings in Life

We are certainly very grateful that amidst all the challenges in life, that we are able to use NLP to create options, change our emotional states and step into different perspectives in life.  Silver linings are everywhere; they come in all shapes and forms, dashed with rainbow colours.  The most exciting discovery when faced with challenges is to spot the opportunities that otherwise would not have been noticed in life.

New Opportunities

One of such opportunity has offered us the chance to provide NLP trainings on the weekend, a format that has been very successful and to create a NLP Skill Development Workbook for all students.  We are delighted to have found a way to help students generalise their NLP skills into real life contexts that bring about immediate impact in their life.  The result of the weekend training format has seen our students developing deeper level of skills with enough time to integrate their skills.

Get in quick!

Due to changing situations, we are likely to only offer one more NLP Foundations, and one NLP Practitioner Certification and the one NLP New Code Practitioner Courses in Brisbane, this year.  All of the trainings will be in the Weekend Format this year.  We are also considering delivering the NLP Master Practitioner in the weekend format this year as well and would like to focus on our current group of student’s development to facilitate their growth fully.

We will not be able to deliver overseas training this year, this includes various cities in New Zealand, but this is only temporary.

Last Chance to Sign up to become a highly trained NLP Practitioner this year!

This will be the first of the greatly successful and convenient weekend trainings we are offering, and now for the first time with the NLP Certification part of the training too.

NLP Café will be restarting in Feb 2011

For NLP Café Brisbane this year, we will be very focused on foundation pattern practice and will be running a special hypnosis practice series as well as Open Coaching sessions.  See our Schedule/Calendar of events for more details.

Posts to read from Dec/2010 through to early Feb/2011

NLP Tip for the day: How to learn NLP well

Feb 072011
Climbing the ladder of your own success

By Sonya Yeh Spencer, Certified ITA NLP Trainer

Over the years we often have people asking about the “trick” to learning NLP well. I think the “trick” is to work with the way our brain codes your learning experience, creates understanding and insight into subject matter. The key to mastery is “familiarisation” of the skills that you are acquiring. This means you need to practice, practice and practice some more. In fact you need to practice in a specific way, and here is the low down, based on training and our own learning experience:

Focus on applying NLP on yourself first, and others second!

Before you start applying NLP to others, please do it to yourself first. Along the way to self mastery, you need to build up some critical skills to be effective. We call them the Critical Skill Builders:

  • Your ability to manage and work with your own emotional state
  • Your ability to build rapport rapidly with yourself and others
  • Your ability to calibrate people’s unconscious signals accurately and testing them
  • Your ability to self evaluate your own performance from 3rd and identify what needs to change

Notice the “difference that makes the difference”

[Continue Reading….]

Dealing with Crisis – Part I: From Haze to Clarity in 8 steps

Jan 182011

Dealing with Crisis – Part I: From Haze to Clarity in 8 steps

This first part of a multi part series will help you and others to overcome the initial shock and various emotions and to start gaining clarity again. This is the first step to recovery. This is the process that we have used over the years to help others dealing with grief and dramatic changes in life and we are sharing what we know with you in the hope that it can bring benefits to you and those around you.

How quickly can you start relaxing and change your response?

Jan 112011

How quickly can you start relaxing and change your response?

By Sonya Yeh Spencer, Certified ITA NLP Trainer, Advanced NLP Coach Have you ever been in a situation that you need to calm down and change your responses quickly to make sure things don’t get out of hand? Maybe you have wanted to find ways to quickly relax after a very intense day or event? Many of us know that stress and prolonged stress conditions impacts on our quality of life and relationships in the [Read more…]

Creating Happy Relationships: I am so in love and keeping it! Part 1

Jan 062011

Creating Happy Relationships: I am so in love and keeping it!  Part 1

by Sonya Yeh Spencer, ITANLP Certified NLP Trainer, Advanced NLP Coach It is good for you, good for our children and the world There have been quite a few couples and individuals through our doors of late, on a quest to mend, re-build or enhance their relationship with their loved ones. I often think how wonderful it is that these clients really want to cultivate their relationships and treasure their connections with one another. It [Read more…]

Up and coming training – 2 for 1, Single and Combination deals

Jan 042011

Due to popular demand, we are continuing the 2 for 1, Single and Combination deals for NLP Foundations training courses for Australia. Our very next Training in Australia will be NLP Foundations in Brisbane starting 26/Feb/2011 and you can choose whether the 2 for 1 deal or Single works best for you. See the full [Read more…]

On Being Sane in Insane Places

Dec 312010
Humanity, the people

This article has little to do with NLP directly, but does have relevance to coaching and working with people. It also provides a good background to the downsides of labeling people or labeling conditions in people. This article also may give an insight into the author’s experience of powerlessness, subjective experiences, impact of environment, process of depersonalization, impact of segregation, mortification, self-labeling, and (in the opinion of the original authors) counter-therapeutic which may be of [Read more…]

Study: Experiences, not possessions, make you more popular

Dec 102010

University of Colorado, Boulder Study: Experiences, not possessions, make you more popular This article has little to do with NLP directly, but as our readers are often coaches who deal with people searching for self-improvement, success, emergence, or having a better life, this study is a relevant perspective for either themselves or their clients. Quoted Text Follows { People who go on fun vacations or rock out at concerts are better liked than those who [Read more…]

Website changes to watch for

Real NLP Training

Real NLP Training, Real NLP Training for the Real World
Where we list and advertise our training related overviews, course curriculum details and course selection advice.

There are two sub-domains devoted to providing the training offerings, calendar and costs by country:
Real NLP Training in Australia
Real NLP Training in NZ

For Your Emergence

(NLP) For Your Emergence
Our (current) blog (from where these newsletters are issued right now) has long been attached to our Blue-SkyTransformation site. To allow the blog to be independent of this site, the future home of our blog articles and newsletters will be For Your Emergence with a new sub-domain NLP.ForYourEmergence.com focusing more directly on NLP. This change will also allow us to widen the scope of what we publish on For Your Emergence so that our community can grow with a greater understanding of human behaviour with many modalities being explored.

Corporate websites

Blue-Sky Transformation, For your emergence in Australia
NLPNZ.com, NLP Training in NZ
Remain at the same addresses, but will both undergo some content changes over time. These sites still represent our business entities in each of the two countries.


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