Early Bird Fee offer ends this week

Early Bird Fee, offer ends this week for the only Intensive NLP Practitioner training program in 2012

Be sure to secure a place on this powerful training program and the Early Bird offer by making a $500 deposit today, www.realNLPtraining.com/

Yes! We will teach you real NLP that Creates Every Day Magic + our specially designed program to help you Apply NLP for Health, Wealth and Success! This is the program that we have used for our private coaching clients and ourselves over the years to create Health, Wealth and Success

You will be happy to know that this year we will be dedicating our energy in helping you applying NLP to truly create compelling Wealth and Success.

This will be a special two part course starting with NLP Practitioners Part I: NLP Foundations and by the time you finish our NLP Practitioner Part II: Advanced NLP Patterns, you would have acquired the skill and apply what you have learned to:

  • Activate your Automatic Success Engine
  • Use your Automatic Success Guidance System
  • Removing what is in the way of your desired life
  • Creating a program for yourself to Evolve on every level
  • Re-program yourself to have all the resources that you need
  • Install the necessary mind set to succeed, and
  • Work with your unconscious as a team to support you all of the time


It is time to make your life count! To Make the $500 deposit and Secure your place now www.realnlptraining.com/oz

We believe true Wealth and Success includes health, happiness, abundance, living in a way that is true to your values and what you truly desire in life. True Wealth and Success comes from within, no one can give them to you.  You need to make the necessary change from the inside out to make your desired future comes true. 

Secure your place today www.realnlptraining.com/oz/

Summary of Fee options

  • $2109 for NLP Foundations alone
  • $2637 for NLP Practitioner & Advanced Patterns alone (NLP Foundations is a pre-req)
  • $275 for the certification (NLP Practitioner part)
  • $4500+$275 for NLP Foundations + NLP Practitioner & Advanced Patterns Combination price with the certification fee

Payment options:

  • Make a bank transfer for the AUD500 to secure your place and pay the rest within 3 days (at this late stage) (this is the most cost effective method), and the banking details are in the registration forms: 2 for 1 or Single Registrations
  • We can send you an invoice with PayPal payment request in a separate email. Note that paying via credit card will incur a 2.4% processing fee from Paypal.
  • Or you can go online to Webstore and make the payment using the PayPal interface – Note that paying via credit card will incur a 2.4% processing fee from Paypal unless you have your own funds in PayPal.

NLP can reshape you from the inside out. Invest in yourself today for a great tomorrow!

What do people say about our training and coaching?

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