Ethos (Video Documentary Review)

There are many ways I could introduce this topic, but if most of what is being said on this documentary is true, then we should wonder where they will strike next (Euro Zone Financial Crisis and more debt and control), why if your country doesn’t have much debt it should stay that way, and why we should grow more in our back yards, collect rain water and do everything we can to stay as independent as possible. Ethos, the Movie – Hosted by twice Oscar nominated actor and activist Woody Harrelson, Ethos lifts the lid on a Pandora’s Box of systemic issues that guarantee failure in every aspect of our lives, from the environment to our democracy and our own personal liberty.

The great thing is that you can personally take action by boycotting brands that participate in this mechanism, and supporting the people who made this documentary (or facebook) to spread the message further. Check them out on Facebook too, and related information sites.

Too often the media celebrates aspects of our society that belong in the dark ages, while at the same time ignoring or ridiculing progressive thinking or ideas. Many aspects of the way our systems work almost guarantee our destruction as a society and that’s what this film is about.
Ethos, The movie
Ethos, The movie
Fractured societies, poverty, disparity, pollution, warfare. Is there something inherently wrong with the human race? Is that what we should think of ourselves? We have tried to set up forms of law and government that safeguard the public good. But, if the majority of people want…
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See trailers on Youtube and the Director’s cut Ethos, the Movie (Part 1), Ethos, the Movie (Part 2), Ethos, the Movie (Part 3), Ethos, the Movie (Part 4), Ethos, the Movie (Part 5)

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