Modelling Success Quick Tip 1: It Can Be Very Simple!

By Sonya Yeh Spencer, ITA Certified NLP Trainer, Approved New Code NLP Trainer, Advanced NLP Coach

Want Success? Model it!

Yes, at the heart of NLP, it is about Modelling and replicating talents! In its purest form, we will do the same thing as the person we want to model, to replicate the talent. We put aside our conscious thought process and do the same thing over and over until we generate the same level of results as the person we are modelling.

It sounds easy when we want to model a skill, but what if I want to model success? Surely NLP modelling does not work! My friend challenges me.

Model the habits that successful people uses!
Model the habits that successful people uses!

Every successful person, team, business or country all have “behaviours or habits” that help them become successful! It is not the “Success” you are modelling, it is the behaviour/s or habits that make them the success that you are modelling!

Sounds simple isn’t it? You do the same thing as these successful people and refine it so it work for you and keep doing it until you gain the result you are looking for. It is simple! The hard bit is to be persistent and have the sense that you can embody the behaviour and all you need to do is to refine it so it fits you.

So, lets start with the following steps to get you going:

  • Step 1, find your model and identify what success habits your model has and you are lacking.
  • Step 2, Make it very clear to yourself the benefit it will bring and how, by mastering, what the habit means to you. What kind of person would you become? Why do you really want it?
  • Step 3, Mentally see yourself doing the habit. Make sure you specify as much detail as you can, like time, steps, contexts and how are you going to handle anything that might stop you.
  • Step 4, Just Do It!

Just to share with you, the habit that I want to master this year is to establish my “Power Morning and Evening”, so I use my time to help me become better rather than wasting it. I get up early for my walk, then sit down to write for one hour before breakfast. After the day’s work, from 7 to 9, learning and improving skills that I have identified as holding me back before I go to bed. Discipline and focus are two things that I am developing. So far I have had a few ups and downs, but getting better every day and the rewards are worth it! I am sure if I can see what is happening in my brain, the new habit is overwriting my old habit and the more I do it, the stronger the new habit becomes! Am I re-programming myself in the most fundamental way? You bet I am! Take charge and creating success for yourself today by establish habits that will make you a success!


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