Exercise your right to choose

By Sonya Yeh Spencer, ITA NLP Certified NLP Trainer, Approved New Code Trainer, Advanced NLP Coach

Did you know you have the right to choose? So, many of us behave as if we do not have choices in life and what is making it worse is that we do not ask questions. Especially questions that can create different perspectives or challenge conventional thinking. Just because we have been told to think in a certain way when we are young, does not mean that the thinking pattern is correct. Just because, once upon a time we had made the decision about how the world operates does not mean it is set in stone.

Life keeps on evolving, new discoveries happen daily and our environmental contexts shift continuously, and it all impacts on our internal world and how we interact with our outer world. Every one of these impacts is an opportunity; a chance and a way to step up in expanding our thinking and creating more choices in life.

The Path to Freedom

What sets humans apart from other intelligent animals on earth, based on our current understanding, is our ability to think and use language to express our thoughts. When we use our language to ask key questions, we discover things, uncover thoughts and ideas that we never considered before, and a new path that might just lead you to another oasis, full of richness and opportunities. Some even describe that to be able to use language to challenge our thinking as the path to freedom.

The path to freedom

Start with what you believe

So, do you want to have more choices in life? Do you want to be free of unwanted conditioning and blindly following others? Do you want to direct your life and live in a way that fits your values, philosophies and vision? If you do, as a warning, once you have started you will never go back, and it is not always smooth sailing, but richly rewarding! There are few key questions to get you started and why not go straight to the heart of many of our thinking:

For every behaviour, every feeling and statement ask:

  • What do I have to believe or presuppose is true to behave, feel or say / think this way?/li>
  • How do I know it is true? Can I be 100% certain about it?
  • What else is possible (find as many possibilities as you can)
  • If I choose to believe the alternative, what would I now do, say or feel?
  • What would I rather believe for now?

We owe it to ourselves to exercise the right to choose

Even more importantly, we owe it to the world to exercise our brain to think intelligently. To choose is our birth right. To choose with the consequence in mind and choose wisely is a responsibility that comes with such a right.

NLP Language Models, use it to create choice – Ecological Choice

NLP Language Models, may that be creating specifics to challenging thinking or to lead people into a state of trance, or re-directing people’s attention, were first developed to help others creating new options. These models and their patterns can be so profound and powerful, and we would like to invite you to ensure that you use it with ecology in mind.

Influence with language, like many great tools, is a double-edged sword. Please have the consequence in mind.


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