Placebo – Medicine in our minds

PillsDoctors have known for hundreds of years that when a patient expects their condition to improve, it does.

This is called the placebo, or dummy, effect.
2013-2014 Episode 8 of 6, Duration: 1 hour

Excerpt from the article….

A few years ago, Paul took part in a trial that Prof Stoessl was conducting. It required him to stop taking his medication.

The next day he headed into hospital, his symptoms in full flare-up.

He explains: “That’s when they gave me this capsule, and they gave you a half-hour….a normal period of time for the meds to kick in. And boom!

“I was thinking this is pretty good, my body becomes erect, my shoulders go back. There’s no way that I could be like this without having had my medication.”

Except that Paul hadn’t been given his medication – he’d been given a placebo.


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