The Brain Science Behind Gut Decisions

The Brain Science Behind Gut Decisions


“There are networks of neurons that serve as information processors. They’re like little computers arranged in a spider web-like network called a parallel distributed processor. Unlike the linear computers we have, these parallel processors can actually learn and think.
We have this spider web-like set of connections in our skull, which we usually refer to as the brain. But we also have neural net processors around the heart and intestines that process information in very complex ways.
These information processors of the internal organs of the body, called viscera, are not rational or logical. But it is processing information and sending signals up from the body itself, to the spinal cord in a layer called Lamina I.
Lamina I carries the information from the intestines, heart, muscles and bones upward from the spinal cord. As it comes up, part of it goes to the deepest part of the brain called the brainstem, which influences our heart rate and respiration.
Also a twig of it will go over to an area called the hypothalamus, where it will govern what to do with our endocrine system, and influence your hormonal environment.
Another branch goes to an area called the prefrontal cortex. There are two aspects of the prefrontal cortex that Lamina I data from the body receives. One twig is called the insula. It’s a part of what some people called the ventrolateral prefrontal cortex…. read on


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