Let's feel grateful for life. Don't focus what is not working

Quick Tip for a better life: Access that Safe Feeling and Take One Step at a Time

Want to run away?

Are you feeling angry, frustrated, fearful and you just want to run away? At times like this, we need to do the opposite of running away, and to calm ourselves down so we can deal with the challenges at hand in the most effective way. Needless to say, life often does not work out the way we have wanted it to and there are bumps that might trip us over. However, there are also good times when things seem to fall into place and go according to plan in the most unexpected way and you might feel that all your hard work has paid off.

Just remember all the times where things have turned out better than you have expected and get a strong feeling that all is well, while taking a step back mentally to look at your past experiences. You will notice, just like looking at a graphic representation of the world’s economic performance in the past 80 years, there are times of growth and times of adjustment.

Use the Power of your Brain to Turn Things Around, Step by Step

Life’s ups and downs are normal part of our existence, know that it does not matter whether you are experiencing ups or downs, it is only temporary. You can keep your emotions steady by accessing that feeling of “all is going to be all right because this is only a temporary glitch”, focus on the good times and make this feeling as strong as you can, then notice this feeling has a natural rhythm and that you can breath at the same rate.

As you start to breath in and out at the same rate as the safe feeling, pay attention to your emotions and acknowledge them, maybe by saying “yes, I notice this emotion”, and gradually you will observe your previously heightened emotions start to settle. Keep breathing in and out at the same rate until you feel your feet are firmly on the ground.

Only when you get that sense of groundedness, you can then start to think of ways that you can improve the current situation, step-by-step.

Let's have gratitude for life. Don't focus what is not working
Let’s feel grateful for life. Don’t focus what is not working

Remember, life’s ups and downs are only temporary, while we cannot control many things in life, we can ensure our own emotion’s steadiness and use tools to keep us calm so our brain can function well to help us resolving the challenge at hand.


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