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What is Emergence?

Everyone is at different stages of emerging. Leaders emerge on to the world stage all the time, re-inventing themselves, and creating a new aspect of their own self. Ex-US president Clinton emerges as a philanthropist. Nelson Mandella was convicted for crimes for which he spent 27 years in imprisonment. Making a valuable contribution to the abolition of apartheid, he then emerged as the President of South Africa, the first Black to be elected to this post, and winner of more than a hundred awards including the Nobel Prize for Peace.

Leaders emerge every day within self-directed teams in the modern workplace. According to Goleman, studies of outstanding performers in organisations show that about two thirds of the abilities that set star performers apart in the leadership stakes are based on emotional intelligence. Only a third of the skills that matter relate to raw intelligence (as measured by IQ) and technical expertise.

What do we publish?

We are continually researching and publishing in the areas of business, self-improvement, personal creativity, modeling, being a Change Agent, Emotional Intelligence, therapy, utilizing your unconscious and any developments that might assist any human in their emergence in this day and age.

By keeping up to date with scientific research into concepts like mirror neurons, brain functions, neurology, healing, attention, eye movements, related techniques, metaphors for life and learning, we can also keep you informed with some of our blog entries on these topics.

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We keep up to date with most of the new developments in NLP, New Code NLP, good training, and cross-marketing for any respected trainers.

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