Your Communications May Not Be Communicating

[For more, visit the Communication Insight Center.] Have you ever been in an organization where communication was not an issue?… Continue reading Your Communications May Not Be Communicating

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Who Takes NLP Training?

We have found that those of you who want to study NLP come from 3 main areas: Self development, Career and Coaching (others). The one thing common amongst most of them is their profound desire to better understand, work with, and change human experience and behaviour to achieve (and/or assist others to achieve) more of the life that they want. The list of vocations that we get includes: Coaches, Therapists, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Managers, HR specialists, Sports Trainers, Project Managers, Program Managers, Business Analysts, Teachers, Trainers, Sales people, Lawyers, Medical staff, Single Parents, Parents, Couples, Personal Coaches, Developers, IT staff, IT … Continue reading Who Takes NLP Training?

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Attention: Project and Program Managers

How can NLP help you to resolve many of the Project / Program management issues? NLP can help in the following areas as a starter: Elicit measureable, agreeable, specific scope definition using just three simple frame works that NLP presents Deliver to stakeholder expectations, maximising existing project resources How to get through barriers and establish progress from day 1 in your project Properly utilize governance support, not wasting your time and not wasting their time Generating agreement using language patterns to move people from no agreement to agreement and using specific NLP communication formats consistently so all parties will be … Continue reading Attention: Project and Program Managers

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