Metaphors we live by

Metaphors we live by (Part 1) - To frame this introduction carefully given our training focus is in NLP, this book (Metaphors we live by. By GEORGE LAKOFF and MARK JOHNSON.) is not NLP nor does it really mention NLP as far as I have noticed. It …
Metaphors we live by (Part 2) - "Every picture is worth a thousand words, but the right metaphor is worth a thousand pictures", Daniel Pink, 2008
Metaphors we live by (Part 3) - Metaphors (and analogoes, similies) are all great for story telling, therapy, training and presenting and are central to scientific thought. They figure in discovery, as in Rutherford's analogy of the solar system for the atom or Faraday's use of lines of magnetized iron filings to reason about electric fields.
Metaphors we live by (Part 4) - Other metaphors to ponder Metaphors abound in political and current affairs Elections in Australia It is great to see political writers keep to a theme of metaphors, where this one is about clothing, dressing, material, stitching, fashion, changing and a …
Metaphors we live by (Part 5) - Continuing the series on Metaphor, this article draws from an business example, one that is associated with my own profession: Project Management and Program Management. This specific example comes from one book that has a theme or metaphor throughout the …

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