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  • The story behind the story: The preprint
    Originally posted on - blogs by NPG staffFutures is pleased to welcome back J. W. Armstrong this week, with his story The preprint. Regular readers will remember his previous stories The sixth circle and Reversal of misfortune, though they might not have realized that A final problem by one A. C. Doyle was actually by the same author. Here, he reveals the creative process behind his latest tale — as ever, it pays to read the story first.  Read more
  • 10 things to remember for when you have graduate students
    Originally posted on - blogs by NPG staffGraduate school has been both a wonderful experience and incredibly challenging. When I will later look back on this period in my life, I’m sure that my memory will fail to accurately capture what it was like to be a graduate student. I’ll remember the highs, and more lows than I care to admit, but will likely lose some of what the day-to-day experience was like. If I have graduate students of my own someday, I want to have a more complete picture of what graduate school was like so that I can give them a better experience. With that goal in mind (and with some great suggestions from Twitter folks), I compiled the following list for my future self.     … Read more
  • Interactions: William Hamlyn
    Originally posted on - blogs by NPG staffWilliam was awarded a Nature Reviews Physics poster prize at ICAP 2018.  Read more
  • Interactions: Jeanne Colbois
    Originally posted on - blogs by NPG staffJeanne is a first year PhD student in the chair of condensed matter theory lead by Professor Frédéric Mila at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, in Switzerland. The general aim of the group is to explore new phases of matter induced by strong correlations in electronic systems, which is done by investigating analytically and numerically the role of frustration or competing interactions in lattice models of low-dimensional quantum magnetism. She is the recipient of one of the poster prizes sponsored by Nature Reviews Physics at the Machine Learning for Quantum Many-body Physics workshop that happen last June in Dresden.  Read more
  • The story behind the story: Home Cygnus
    Originally posted on - blogs by NPG staffIt’s very rare for there to be something that looks like a sequel in Futures, but this week, Home Cygnus by S. R. Algernon is just that. Regular readers will be familiar with his work — and if you’re not you can find out more at his website or by following him on Twitter (plus, his other Futures stories are listed at the end of this post). Here, he talks a little more about the origins of his latest tale — as ever, it pays to read the story first.  Read more
  • Interactions: Max McGinley
    Originally posted on - blogs by NPG staffMax is a first year PhD student at Cambridge University. He works in the Theory of Condensed Matter group, supervised by Professor Nigel Cooper, and studies the theory behind certain interesting phases of matter which are known as ‘topological’. Max was awarded a poster prize sponsored by Nature Reviews Physics at the at Quantum Dynamics of Disordered Interacting Systems conference in Trieste last June.  Read more
  • SciArt scribbles: Music to tackle PhD blues
    Originally posted on - blogs by NPG staffMany scientists embrace the artistic medium to infuse new ideas into their scientific works. With science-art collaborations, both artists and scientists challenge their ways of thinking as well as the process of artistic and scientific inquiry. Can art hold a mirror to science? Can it help frame and answer uncomfortable questions about science: its practice and its impact on society? Do artistic practices inform science? In short, does art aid evidence?  Read more
  • New checklist for ‘complementary’ Data Descriptors
    Originally posted on - blogs by NPG staffToday, we are releasing a new checklist for authors drafting Data Descriptors that build or expand on other publications. It is now available on our Editorial & Publishing Policies page and from the link below.  Read more
  • Nature Research journals trial new tools to enhance code peer review and publication
    Originally posted on - blogs by NPG staffStarting this month, three Nature journals—Nature Methods, Nature Biotechnology and Nature Machine Intelligence—will run a trial in partnership with Code Ocean to enable authors to share fully-functional and executable code accompanying their articles and to facilitate peer review of code by the reviewers.  Read more
  • Announcement: The Naturejobs blog is moving house
    Originally posted on - blogs by NPG staffWe’re no longer publishing career stories from our global community of scientists on this platform.  Instead they’ll be posted in a shiny new home at alongside the latest print news and features from Nature’s careers section. We believe this will better serve our authors and audience.  Read more