Positive Outlooks

  • According to science, there’s no such thing as holding your baby too much
    Mothers are often on the receiving end of unsolicited advice when it comes to matters involving child-rearing. While most of these counsels come from a place of concern, not all of them are entirely true. Take for example the common belief that holding a baby too much will ‘spoil’ them. New research says otherwise – in Read more →
  • Watch this huge mastiff becomes crowd favorite as he slowly, but surely, complete an agility course
    Dog agility races are surely a delight to watch – who doesn’t love shows where our furry best friends are the main stars? These kinds of events are always guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s faces, regardless of age, gender, and pet ownership status. Agility competitions like this are often dominated by high-energy breeds, such Read more →
  • This Little Japanese Girl And Her Pet Poodle Will Make Your Day
    Dogs are one of the most loyal and amazing companions that you could ever have. Though they can be messy, rowdy, and loud at the same time, we love them just the same and embrace all that comes with them. Their unique personalities and funny quirks are what endears them to us, but most of Read more →
  • Former stripper’s inspiring story about becoming a firefighter has internet cheering
    Throughout our lifetime, we will all face rejections and drawbacks – it is inevitable and an integral part of the human experience. These hurdles could either make us or break us, and the outcome lies on whether we will let these challenges stop us in our tracks or if we will use them as a motivation to Read more →
  • You can buy a house for $1 in this picturesque Italian village — with one catch
    Ever dreamed of living in a picturesque, remote town far from the city’s hustle and bustle? Then this village located on the southern island of Sicily might just be the perfect place to turn that dream into a reality. The town of Sambuca, Italy is currently selling homes for one euro, which is about $1.14. Read more →