Positive Outlooks

  • Six parenting traps that will turn your kid into a sociopath
    Most parents want only good things for their children. Their actions are based on what they believe will best serve their kids. Unfortunately, there are some mistaken ideas going around that are much more harmful to children than helpful. When parents adopt these mistaken ideas they can take actions that will encourage children to be Read more →
  • Everyone’s timing is different, don’t put pressure on yourself
    In today’s generation, chasing success seems to be a lot harder than before. Especially that you feel the pressure of paying your car loan, house mortgage, college loans and other financial responsibilities. Now that everything is posted on social media sites, it is hard not to be envious of the ‘achievements’ of your friends, classmates, Read more →
  • Eight warning signs someone you know is really a sociopath
    Do you know someone who is a compulsive liar? A liar who do not hesitate to spit out lie after lie just for the sake of lying? Does that someone also happen to be extremely charming? Someone who is full of charisma and easily gets attention? Does that someone also happen to be so obsessed Read more →
  • After disappointing his parents, son has big surprise: ‘They have no idea I’m graduating’
    “Education is the key to success.” As the old saying goes, although education is not a guarantee that you will find happiness in life, still, it is a step closer to achieving your dreams. And in our journey towards success, no one could be all the more proud than our parents. That’s why most people Read more →
  • National Geographic’s cover for the month of June has people talking
    Of the 300 million tons of plastic we produce and consume worldwide every year, only a little percentage is recycled and reused. Given this overwhelming figure, you must be wondering, where do our plastics go? The latest cover of the National Geographic magazine answers this important question. The latest cover aptly called Planet or Plastic, Read more →