Positive Outlooks

  • 20-Year-old prom dress gives teen a second chance at a happy ending
    Prom night is one of the highlights of high school that students are looking forward to. A night filled with students dressed in beautiful coats and dresses, a night filled with remarkable memories, a night filled with fun. A lot of people would like to look back on the memories they have made during their Read more →
  • Meet the incredible artist who can draw an entire city from just his memory
    Believe it or not, all it took Stephen Wiltshire to draw the accurate and breath-taking image of the Aerial view of Montreal’s city landscape in Canada, is mapping out the city from his memory. This truly amazing talent of the one-of-a-kind artist who has autism and is mute is surprising everyone all over the world. Read more →
  • Dog being called a hero after being bitten by a rattlesnake protecting owner
    Once again, a dog has shown the world how great their love for us humans are. A golden retriever named Todd is now an internet sensation after he selflessly came into the defense of his owner and protected her from getting bitten by a rattlesnake. The heroic deed of Todd saved his human’s life while he Read more →
  • The touching act of sportsmanship by this youth soccer team is a powerful lesson in humility
    Honorable. Professional. Sportsman. Sometimes not the familiar words you can associate with sports involving adults. However, the Junior players of the Barcelona’s Infantil B side is winning the heart and respect of people all over the world, when they showed that they are the perfect example of these three words despite their young age. The Read more →
  • Dad steps up to ‘breastfeed’ newborn baby during mom’s recovery
    A new father in Wisconsin is taking the internet by storm. People all over the internet found Maxamillion Neubauer’s dedication to his newborn daughter irresistibly adorable. Maxamillion did something for his daughter not all fathers have done before, and that is no other than ‘breastfeed’ his new baby. Yes, you have read it right! The Read more →