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6 Steps to Embrace a New Start!

We want things to stay the same, but get better… Understanding why we hold on to the old… Resolving the past and embracing the new is like… Full details of the 6 step process… Continue reading 6 Steps to Embrace a New Start!

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Did You Build Your Own Identity?

“Do (you) have a realistic view of who you are and feel you have no say in shaping your life? This is an entrapment that can be broken free from. Start by asking some simple questions to challenge your perception about yourself.” Continue reading “Did You Build Your Own Identity?”

Creating Happy Relationships: I am so in love and keeping it! Part 1

by Sonya Yeh Spencer, ITANLP Certified NLP Trainer, Advanced NLP Coach It is good for you, good for our children and the world There have been quite a few couples and individuals through our doors of late, on a quest to mend, re-build or enhance their relationship with their loved ones. I often think how wonderful it is that these clients really want to cultivate their relationships and treasure their connections with one another. It is miraculous that two people, who might be from different backgrounds, from different parts of the world and circumstances, somehow find a way, amongst the … Continue reading Creating Happy Relationships: I am so in love and keeping it! Part 1

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Who Takes NLP Training?

We have found that those of you who want to study NLP come from 3 main areas: Self development, Career and Coaching (others). The one thing common amongst most of them is their profound desire to better understand, work with, and change human experience and behaviour to achieve (and/or assist others to achieve) more of the life that they want. The list of vocations that we get includes: Coaches, Therapists, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Managers, HR specialists, Sports Trainers, Project Managers, Program Managers, Business Analysts, Teachers, Trainers, Sales people, Lawyers, Medical staff, Single Parents, Parents, Couples, Personal Coaches, Developers, IT staff, IT … Continue reading Who Takes NLP Training?

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