Personal greetings from Sonya and Mark Difficulty reading this? You can Read it here Greetings to you all! We just can’t believe how fast this year has gone. It has been a most challenging and wonderful year for us, many lessons learned, skills developed and insight gained and we hope this has been a rewarding year for you as well. We have just finished delivering 8 days NLP Foundations training, the last one for the year in Brisbane. We are so excited that the feedback from students regarding our newly developed program and special skill development workbook has been a … Continue reading 2010/Oct-Dec

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“Sonya and Mark are quality ITA NLP trainers who were personally trained and endorsed by ourselves and Michael Carroll. Their drive for quality and passion for pragmatic NLP training have translated into highly effective training design and format that ensure you get the most out of your training, to improve your life and the life of others around you.” ~ Dr. John Grinder, Co-creator of NLP & Carmen Bostic St Clair, Co-creator of New Code NLP Greetings from Sonya and Mark Greetings to all! It has been a while since our last Newsletter. There are lots happening and life is … Continue reading 2010/Aug-Sep

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New Code NLP – The modern approach

By Michael Carroll, nlpacademy.co.uk The field of NLP is moving forward in an exciting new direction. A group of collaborators working under the mentorship of the John Grinder team are creating and developing new processes that fall into the genre of New Code NLP.  NLP was originally coded using the underlying principles of early computers, hence the name ‘programming’. Imagine if we all insisted on using computers developed in the 1970s. While that may sound crazy, many in NLP are following that logic in sticking with the NLP of the 1970s. Yes, the Classic Code of NLP is great; it … Continue reading New Code NLP – The modern approach

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Home | Training | Contact | Coaching | Blog | NLPNZ | Subscription In this Issue How to build great relationships Business NLP: Know thy self and others for long term success New Code NLP: The Modern Approach Rapport Building: Insight into raising voice tone to build rapport Video – How does the theatre of the mind could be generated by the machinery of the brain? Podcast – Dr. Michael Arbib on Mirror Neurons NLP Foundations Training – Brisbane, starts 15/July. Last chance to beat the price rise. More details Essential NLP Training – Auckland, starts 15/Sep. Early Bird Finishes … Continue reading 2010/Jun-Jul

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How to build great relationships – tip for the day

 “Who ever is going to be responsible for dealing with the consequences of the decision makes the decision” is one of the understanding that served us well in both business conducts and personal relationships.  This is based on the NLP process of Outcome, Intention and Consequences, developed by John Grinder.   This is especially useful in a blended family situation, when one parent is responsible for their biological children. Send us any questions about this tip to:  sonya@blue-skytransformation.com Continue reading How to build great relationships – tip for the day

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NLP Training Schedule for Australia, New Zealand and China

NLP Training Special Offers Now NLP Training Schedule for Australia, New Zealand and China Partner sites http://www.nlpaustralasia.com http://www.blue-skytransformation.com/WP/ realnlptraining.com/ realnlpOZ.com realnlpNZ.com NLP for your emergence nlpcafebrisbane.blue-skytransformation.com nlpcafebrisbane.com.au nlpcafebrisbane.com/ nlpcafeglobal.ning.com nlpcafeglobal.com twitter.com/BlueSkyTrans newcodenlp.com.au nlptraininginaustralia.com.au nlpaustralasia.com nlptrainingbrisbane.com.au blue-skytransformation.com blue-skytransformation.com.au/ emotionalintelligenceaustralia.com.au http://www.nlpnz.com Continue reading NLP Training Schedule for Australia, New Zealand and China

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An Announcement to The NLP community from John Grinder (the Co-Creator of NLP) and Carmen Bostic St.Clair

Given that this year in our training, our business consulting and through NLP Cafe and other forums we will be focussing on Modeling, it would be a good time to re-publish some of the defining articles on the subject. This entry is an article first published in The Model Magazine, Edition 3, 2005 – An Announcement to The NLP community from John Grinder (the Co-Creator of NLP) and Carmen Bostic St.Clair. It includes and Introduction by Robert Dilts. Continue reading An Announcement to The NLP community from John Grinder (the Co-Creator of NLP) and Carmen Bostic St.Clair

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NLP Practitioner Training for 2010 in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

NLP Practitioner Course, More information, to register, download our brochure …offering certificates co-signed by the founders of the International Trainers Academy – John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll. This course is the only one available in Australia and NZ of this type. The newly developed NLP Practitioner Course is being offered as a unique small group coached training in Brisbane. The first of the series started during November 2009, and there is a series of these being offered throughout 2010 in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. See our Training Schedule for dates of programs … Continue reading NLP Practitioner Training for 2010 in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

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Books Recommended for NLP Practitioners

Frogs into Princes: Neuro Linguistic Programming (Paperback) by Richard Bandler & John Grinder, Steve Andreas (Editor), John O. Srevens (Editor) The Structure of Magic: A Book About Language and Therapy (Paperback) by Richard Bandler & John Grinder The Structure of Magic II: A Book About Communication and Change (Book 2) Our commentary Trance-Formations: Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Structure of Hypnosis Reframing: Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Transformation of Meaning Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. [PATTERNS OF THE HYPNOTIC T-V01] Turtles All the Way Down: Prerequisites to Personal Genius by John Grinder and Judith DeLozier (Paperback – … Continue reading Books Recommended for NLP Practitioners

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Confusion and Learning

Some thoughts about the learning process… Typically people think that success is good and confusion is bad. In our workshops we’re always telling you that success is the most dangerous human experience, because it keeps you from noticing other things and learning other ways of doing things. That also means that any time you fail, there’s an unprecedented opportunity for you to learn something that you wouldn’t otherwise notice. Confusion is the doorway to reorganizing your perceptions and learning something new. If you were never confused, that would mean that everything that happened to you fit your expectations, your model … Continue reading Confusion and Learning

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Blue-Sky Transformation is now an ITANLP Certifying Institute

International Trainers Academy of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certifying Institute

ITA Logos-for-Certifying Institutes

Blue-Sky Transformation, lead by principle trainers, Mark Spencer and Sonya Yeh Spencer,  has been accepted by the International Trainers Academy (ITANLP) as a Certifying Institue of NLP.  The company certifies practitioner level certification with Grinder, Bostic & Carroll ink signature.

The seal of approval by the ITA demonstrates the highest quality NLP Training and represents Blue-Sky Transformation’s commitment to provide the most effective, highest quality and up to date NLP training to their students and affiliates around the world. 

The mission of the ITA is to continually improve the quality of NLP Training on offer to the NLP public by ensuring our member Trainers have received the highest quality NLP Trainers Training and testing themselves, and that member trainers are committed to continually develop and enhance their own NLP skills.

ITA Certifying Institute

Continue reading “Blue-Sky Transformation is now an ITANLP Certifying Institute”