Has Hypnosis Finally Been Vindicated by Neuroscience? (via @NYMag)

Has Hypnosis Finally Been Vindicated by Neuroscience? Hypnotizability … is modestly correlated with absorption, a personality construct reflecting a disposition to enter states of narrowed or expanded attention and a blurring of boundaries between oneself and the object of perception,” writes John F. Kihlstrom, a psychologist at the University of California, Berkeley, in a 2013 paper in Cortex. “Absorption, in turn, is related to ‘openness to experience,’ one of the ‘Big Five” dimensions of personality.” Continue reading Has Hypnosis Finally Been Vindicated by Neuroscience? (via @NYMag)

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Podcast: Neuroscience Is Everywhere

From literature to architecture, academics and entrepreneurs are using neuroscience to explain everything from why we like a complex narrative thread to why round tables are more social. Christie Nicholson reports (Scientific American) Play the Podcast here: sa_p_podcast_100403 or from Scientific American’s website …all sorts of industries are jumping to use any new brain information to support their work. Neuromarketing claims to get objective truth about peoples’ preferences by decoding the “reactions” of our neurons. Companies like No Lie fMRI, Inc., are capitalizing on the potential for tools that can “read the brain” to replace the polygraph in lie detection. … Continue reading Podcast: Neuroscience Is Everywhere

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