Creating Happy Relationships: I am so in love and keeping it! Part 1

by Sonya Yeh Spencer, ITANLP Certified NLP Trainer, Advanced NLP Coach It is good for you, good for our children and the world There have been quite a few couples and individuals through our doors of late, on a quest to mend, re-build or enhance their relationship with their loved ones. I often think how wonderful it is that these clients really want to cultivate their relationships and treasure their connections with one another. It is miraculous that two people, who might be from different backgrounds, from different parts of the world and circumstances, somehow find a way, amongst the … Continue reading Creating Happy Relationships: I am so in love and keeping it! Part 1

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Study: Experiences, not possessions, make you more popular

University of Colorado, Boulder Study: Experiences, not possessions, make you more popular This article has little to do with NLP directly, but as our readers are often coaches who deal with people searching for self-improvement, success, emergence, or having a better life, this study is a relevant perspective for either themselves or their clients. Quoted Text Follows { People who go on fun vacations or rock out at concerts are better liked than those who use their money to buy fancy cars and jewelry, according to findings from a University of Colorado-Boulder psychology professor. [ref]Leaf Van Boven University of Colorado … Continue reading Study: Experiences, not possessions, make you more popular

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Is your child happy with healthy self concepts?

by Sonya Yeh Spencer, ITA Certified NLP Trainer, Certified Advanced NLP Coach

It makes good sense to help children learn how to do self-self comparison to build healthy self-esteem and concepts; in fact it is our responsibility to do so.

But it does not mean that parents or caregivers should go to the extreme to exaggerate their children’s achievement and build an overly inflated self image.

Research shows that adults who make self-to-self comparisons often are more successful and experience less personal stress than those who are driven by comparisons to others – like an Olympic performer, striving for their personal best. Continue reading “Is your child happy with healthy self concepts?”


“Sonya and Mark are quality ITA NLP trainers who were personally trained and endorsed by ourselves and Michael Carroll. Their drive for quality and passion for pragmatic NLP training have translated into highly effective training design and format that ensure you get the most out of your training, to improve your life and the life of others around you.” ~ Dr. John Grinder, Co-creator of NLP & Carmen Bostic St Clair, Co-creator of New Code NLP Greetings from Sonya and Mark Greetings to all! It has been a while since our last Newsletter. There are lots happening and life is … Continue reading 2010/Aug-Sep

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Sticky post

In the garden of choices

by Sonya Yeh Spencer, Certified ITA NLP Trainer
I was working in our little veggie patch this morning, enjoying the gentle sunshine and watching a butterfly getting intoxicated on the sweet nectar of our nasturtium, orange, yellow and red, adorned with glistening pearls of dew. Satisfied, I sat and admired how the golden garden lizards were fattening up by eating away most of the garden pests this year, because we have created a more balanced garden environment to cater for all the little creatures. As I was picking away at the juicy plump strawberries, I noticed something was not quite right. Continue reading “In the garden of choices”

Facing Something New in Life and want it to be successful?

Here is your first step

By Sonya Yeh Spencer, ITA NLP Trainer, Advanced NLP Coach

Are you in the process of change?  Maybe a new job, contract, project or relationship and maybe you would like this new development to be a success.  Starting on the right foot might just give you a head start.

As you continue to pay attention to the words you are reading, consider the following questions: Continue reading “Facing Something New in Life and want it to be successful?”

The Impact of Rude Behaviour on a Business

New research shows that rudeness between employees can have a far worse impact on a business than rudeness directed toward customers, or even employee incompetence. Christie Nicholson reports from… Four separate studies published in the August issue of the Journal of Consumer Research provide some scientific evidence along these lines. Nearly 60 to 120 subjects were placed in various situations where they witnessed inter-employee rudeness as well as employee incompetence. And the researchers found that employee rudeness had a significantly greater impact on subjects’ overall opinion of the company than bad service. Continue reading The Impact of Rude Behaviour on a Business

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Treating Trauma NLP Client Session with Steve Andreas

Decision Destroyer NLP Technique From Real People Press NLP Videos In this excerpt of a clinical demonstration, Steve Andreas uses the Decision Destroyer NLP technique developed by Richard Bandler. This womans trauma is resolved without knowing anything about the content of the trauma. This method utilizes the cause-effect presupposition inherent in trauma—that an impactful experience will have an effect on later experiences—by creating a positive experience that occurs before a traumatic one. Recorded at the Milton Erickson Brief Therapy Conference in December 2008 (BT08-DVD2). 55-minute DVD. 3-page handout. Get it here: Steve Andreas Steve Andreas, MA, has been learning, … Continue reading Treating Trauma NLP Client Session with Steve Andreas

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Be Happy

Happy reading… If you want to be happy, practise it every day Robert Anton Wilson Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go. Oscar Wilde Think of all the beauty that’s still left in and around you and be happy! Anne Frank The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. Allan K. Chalmers Be happy while you’re living, for you’re a long time dead. Scottish Proverb Homer, lighten up. You’re making ‘Happy Hour’ bitterly ironic. Marge Simpson To live happily is an inward power of the soul. Aristotle Continue reading Be Happy

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Metaphors we live by (Part 3)

Metaphors (and analogoes, similies) are all great for story telling, therapy, training and presenting and are central to scientific thought. They figure in discovery, as in Rutherford’s analogy of the solar system for the atom or Faraday’s use of lines of magnetized iron filings to reason about electric fields. Continue reading Metaphors we live by (Part 3)

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