12 things you should know to avoid being brain-washed (Part 4)

Lose your friends – Many attendees lose their own friends and family through the pressure to supply ‘friends’ as potential purchasers of the training or event, or to become followers of the cause. Continue reading 12 things you should know to avoid being brain-washed (Part 4)

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Break Free from your Blind Spot in Five Steps

Our “Blind Spot” keeps us in the invisible cage! It stop us from growing and developing and living the life we want! Every day I look for opportunities to identify my blind spot and I take 100% responsibility to break through it! The thought of staying in the invisible cage is unbearable, the consequence of not breaking from it, is unthinkable. Can you afford not to break free? Not to live the life you want? Not to realise your potential? Continue reading Break Free from your Blind Spot in Five Steps

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Personal greetings from Sonya and Mark Difficulty reading this? You can Read it here Greetings to you all! We just can’t believe how fast this year has gone. It has been a most challenging and wonderful year for us, many lessons learned, skills developed and insight gained and we hope this has been a rewarding year for you as well. We have just finished delivering 8 days NLP Foundations training, the last one for the year in Brisbane. We are so excited that the feedback from students regarding our newly developed program and special skill development workbook has been a … Continue reading 2010/Oct-Dec

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In the garden of choices

by Sonya Yeh Spencer, Certified ITA NLP Trainer
I was working in our little veggie patch this morning, enjoying the gentle sunshine and watching a butterfly getting intoxicated on the sweet nectar of our nasturtium, orange, yellow and red, adorned with glistening pearls of dew. Satisfied, I sat and admired how the golden garden lizards were fattening up by eating away most of the garden pests this year, because we have created a more balanced garden environment to cater for all the little creatures. As I was picking away at the juicy plump strawberries, I noticed something was not quite right. Continue reading “In the garden of choices”


Home | Training | Contact | Coaching | Blog | NLPNZ | Subscription In this Issue How to build great relationships Business NLP: Know thy self and others for long term success New Code NLP: The Modern Approach Rapport Building: Insight into raising voice tone to build rapport Video – How does the theatre of the mind could be generated by the machinery of the brain? Podcast – Dr. Michael Arbib on Mirror Neurons NLP Foundations Training – Brisbane, starts 15/July. Last chance to beat the price rise. More details Essential NLP Training – Auckland, starts 15/Sep. Early Bird Finishes … Continue reading 2010/Jun-Jul

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How to build great relationships – tip for the day

 “Who ever is going to be responsible for dealing with the consequences of the decision makes the decision” is one of the understanding that served us well in both business conducts and personal relationships.  This is based on the NLP process of Outcome, Intention and Consequences, developed by John Grinder.   This is especially useful in a blended family situation, when one parent is responsible for their biological children. Send us any questions about this tip to:  sonya@blue-skytransformation.com Continue reading How to build great relationships – tip for the day

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Building Emotional Intelligence

Do know what the number one reason why individuals miss their opportunity to be promoted at work according to Harvard Business School’s recent study? It has been said that IQ lands you a job, and EQ keeps you in the job. A career in management involves coping with complexity; a life of leadership relies on your coping with change. If you want to lead, you need to be able to cope with change…. Continue reading Building Emotional Intelligence

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